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  • Similar Content

    • By kellenbeck
      a nice, big island with lava, oil, etc, and looks amazing to top it all off. i would add more screenshots if i could; it looks amazing.

      the marker on the map is roughly where the spawn point is. there is oil to the north-east of spawn, sitting in the water.
    • By Draxx
      Hello, my name is vDraxx.
      Today I will show you the best seed on Tekkit (I think it only works on Tekkit, not on other modpacks).
      Seed: -304941192843830851
      Longest cave mine in Tekkit (probably even in Minecraft!):
      X: 324
      Y: 69
      Z: 231
      I will show you 3 ravines. 2 normal ravines and 1 small ravine.
      Small ravine:
      X: 324
      Y: 64
      Z: 291
      Normal ravine 1:
      X: 313
      Y: 63
      Z: 297
      Normal ravine 2:
      X: 213
      Y: 64
      Z: 275
      These are the only ones I know from my 3 in-game days of Tekkit. Reply if you found anymore.
    • By Katniss517
      I've been spending ages on multiple Attack of the B-Team single player worlds looking for a redwood forest for me to make a home in, but have unfortunately had no success.
      I've looked up plenty of redwood forest seeds but none of them have worked so far, or were for other modpacks. 
      I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me a seed that spawns me in or nearby a redwood forest.
      If it's nearby, I'd like the coordinates please.
      Thank you!
      does anyone know the seed chim uses with his friends? please help!