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Modpack deletes mods during startup


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Hello Technic-Community

I got a very strange problem with my modpack.

I created a modpack with some mods inside, for example IC2, Buildcraft, Wasteland and Project Red with the MrTJPCore.
The Problem is, everytime, I startup the modpack, the MrTJPCore gets deleted and I don't know why. I spectated it, during the startup of my modpack, and all of a sudden, the core wasn't there anymore.

Anybody can help me? I would very appreciate it.



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No Signing Posts - Your username is already there, it's redundant. Plus it makes you look like a loser. (You might be a loser!) It's also an easy way to tell that you haven't read these rules.


@EvilOwl Well, I think I found the broken rule. I'm sorry for it.

For me it's normal to create a signature, because of politeness.

Swiss People normally do this.

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