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[1.7.10]Gracraft Network's Desolation. [The Mining Dead] Hardcore Survival]

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Gracraft Network






Hello everyone!

Here at Gracraft Network we bring you a server that will challenge your skills , test your strength but in a fun way! Our server is in beta and we are looking to bring more players to our network but also grow big some day!

Our server consists of thirst, extreme weather ,  a desert world which includes ruined cities! We are a new open server looking to create a community of players who enjoy teaming up looking to restore power to the world! We hope to attract players of all ages.

A small introduction to the backstory!

Do you love Fallout? This is the right server for you!

Humanities cradle around the world has fallen. Due to endless pollution , greed for natural resources and the endless battle to become the biggest superpower. Over 100 years has passed since the bombs have fallen and left the world hanging in the balance for survival. Very few humans had survived the nuclear fire seen over 100 years ago. The humans perseverance and dedication, one can conquer the seemingly insurmountable and not only survive, but thrive in the wasteland - recreating what many of the inhabitants of the Earth take for granted in real-life.

Some of the mods/plugins we use:

towny, supply drop ,Galactic craft, flans mod, Industrial Craft , Nuclear Control 2 , Mekanism , project red , Custom NPC, Props, Forestry and Tconstruct. 


To ensure an apocalypse element on our server we have included quests , traders throughout the map and increased zombie spawns!


The server is not whitelisted! Do /server Desolation OR use the compass

The server will be up 24/7


Please do not take advantage of bugs! We hope you would tell us as feedback is the best for improvement!


Some of our important rules!

No spamming

No cheating

No racist , sexist or hurtful comments will be accepted!

Respect staff and each other!

English is preferred!


Ruined cities:






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