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Quarry not working/Slotchanging problem..


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EpicrafterHD here

I have some problems with my tekkit server...
I have been looking on google for days...

Problem 1:
When i add any plugin(does not matter wihich plugin) my quarry stop working...

Problem 2

my console is spamming slotchanging...
even if I have not added a plugin.

(Some of the console log)
01.03 18:42:24 [Server] INFO slotChanging(21)
01.03 18:42:20 [Server] INFO slotChanging(19)
01.03 18:42:19 [Server] INFO slotChanging(0)
01.03 18:42:19 [Server] INFO slotChanging(22)
01.03 18:42:18 [Server] INFO slotChanging(21)
01.03 18:42:17 [Server] INFO slotChanging(20)
01.03 18:42:15 [Server] INFO slotChanging(0)
01.03 18:42:14 [Server] INFO slotChanging(0)
01.03 18:42:13 [Server] INFO slotChanging(0)
01.03 18:42:12 [Server] INFO slotChanging(0)
01.03 18:42:11 [Server] INFO slotChanging(30)
01.03 18:40:01 [Server] INFO slotChanging(28)

I hope some one can help my!
You can give a feedback on this form or you can add my on skype: EpicrafterHD HD



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