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Ram problem modpacks


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So I just installed stoneblock and when I launched it it uses around 1 gb of ram it also warned me that it needed at least 2 gb or else it had performance problems, after a little while of loading it just closes but I have 16 gb of ram and no clue how i give the modpack more ram. I hope i can get an answer ASAPunknown.png

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When things don't work with our launcher, we post these issues/bugs in Bug Report section

when an unofficial modpack, a custom one you made or someone else posted on Platform that isn't by Technic team, doesn't work we post those in Platform Pagoda.

In either case, this topic does not belong in Off topic.

And on the launcher window you will see on the top right corner the words "Launcher Options" when you view modpacks. Click it to change RAM allowance for the launcher. Make sure you have 64-bit java installed.

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