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Modpack Link:ย https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-community-modpack.1226798


The Voltz Community Modpack is an unofficial update to the Voltz modpack on the Technic Launcher and is the first update to feature EVERY SINGLE ONE of the original core mods. Currently there is one official server run byย VoidFlame Network but we are looking into getting more servers to run the modpack!


Official Server Highlights:

  • 100+ Custom Recipes
  • Every single dupe bug patched
  • Never before seen ICBM + MFFS integration. Force fieldsย fully protect your base from intruders unless your enemies can overwhelm your field with a barrage of missiles.
  • Dozens of performance patches. We run ~2x faster than a normal modded server.
  • BungeeCord setup: Raiding, Hardcore, Towny and Creative servers
  • Factions, Economy, Player Shops, Crates, Mines and more!
  • Sophisticatedย anti cheat system



Modpack Highlights:

  • Every single one of the original Voltz mods
  • Consistently within theย 50 most popular modpacks on Technic
  • Completely custom MFFS and Atomic Science that was designed to simulate the experience of classic Voltz.
  • Dozens of completely custom performance patches, crash fixes and game play improvements designed specifically for this modpack
  • Loads of more contents like Extra Utilities, ExtraPlanet, Thermal Expansion, Open Blocks, Iron Chests and more!


Download Modpack:ย https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-community-modpack.1226798


Please considering trying us outย so we can bring Voltz back with an active community!


Official server website: https://www.voidflame.com

Come chat with us on Discord:ย https://discord.gg/rQZAKDk


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