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Old school forgotten games


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I was just thinking about old school games people may have forgotten about or haven't thought of in ages. Did anyone ever play these games?


-I have no mouth, and I must scream

-leather goddesses of phobos


I recently watched an entire walkthrough of I have no mouth and forgot how much I loved it. What game did you love that may have been forgotten about for too long?

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War Wind. was an old nostalgic strategy game for me that got lost in time. I recently found it on GoG.com and got to play it again. it's a strategy sci-fi with alien races in an alien planet where humans are not involved.

I know now why it got overshadowed by giants like Warcraft. WW's AI is crap. still nice to play it after all these years


Does Pokemon Gold count as "old"? I've played that again on an emulator, alongside Silver, Crystal and Yellow to get all the exclusive ones. Gotta catch 'em all! Then hate yourself for wanting those shiny ones, by breeding with a shiny ditto. Or crossbreeding with different 'mons to get the right move to the right Pokemon you want. :corsair: :psyboom: yes, I grind a lot.

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