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Tekkit 1.4.6 is out!!!


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Yes, you are right. But my server is dying, cause people getting bored with stuck on 1.2.5. I think Tekkit Lite is a nice idea, for the small servers, but also the "bigger" ones need a update.[ Like u said for more control, and also i wanna run it with mcmyadmin ] I hope someone has more Informations, cause if there is no minecraft version update comming for Tekkit Classic, i'll close the Server.

There literally can't be an update to classic until one of the forge bukkit conversion projects is finished. Those plugins to control and protect your servers are just not available for anyone using 1.4+. That goes for FTB as well. Tekkit lite is for those who are tired of waiting to play a 1.4 build. If you are a server owner you have only two options. Stick with classic until all those plugins are converted to forge, or update to a 1.4 build and lose them all.

If you have a smaller server, there is nothing to think about. Update if you trust all your players. If you have a larger server, ask your players what they would like. Make sure they understand what updating would mean. They may be getting bored, but they probably don't understand how dependent they've become on the backend bukkit plugins. They could start playing with the new mods and really enjoy it until someone griefs all their stuff or steals their materials etc etc. Then they get frustrated because they can't do little things they used to be able to anymore. It's up to you if you think that would happen or not. We're just providing as much option as we can to the end user. It's up to the server operators to decide what to do with the tools we provide.

Of course there is a hidden third option. Offer to help with one of the conversion projects. Demanding we update classic is useless. We would absolutely love to.

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Sounds great... so i think i'll wait.

If i had some skills in Programming java stuff, i would offer my help, but i don't have skills in java. Is there any other Help we can give? ( I know donation will also motivate :-) )

Thanks for your answer!

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So Cheap,

We will have to create a new world for this correct? Also I am not sure if you have tested but will forestry work on Tekkit Lite like it did on Tekkit Classic?


Yes most likely you will need a new world, and we haven't tested with Forestry at all but I can't see why it wouldn't.

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After testing stuff out i found out that if you download a bukkit-forge.jar file and add it into the coremods folder most of the plugins from dev.bukkit.org will work. o.o

The only buggy plugin is essentials that conflicts with the implemented forge essentials. So practically you could get a bukkit compatible tekkit lite, but it would be very buggy etc.

Link to the bukkit-forge dl link if anyone wants it: http://build.aegisgaming.org/job/BukkitForge/?

Btw the thing where people can't download or patch a mod is easily fixable, you'll just have to hit clear cash and then the patching/mod installing will work

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Tekkit Lite is missing a lot of things that are in Tekkit Classic. If you're running a large server, you should probably use Tekkit Classic to please most of your users.

I Beg to Differ:

Looking at the mod lists, these are the mods that Tekkit Lite adds to Classic -

Factorization, Logistics Pipes, Minefactory Reloaded, Mystcraft, Steve's Carts, Thermal Expansion, Treecapitator, Modular Power Suits, EE3

And These are the ones removed -

ccSensors, MFFS, Railcraft, EE2

Not to mention the updates to the ones that are kept, adding a lot of things between them, and all of the updates to vanilla minecraft that add many things as well.

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