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Tekkit 1.4.6 is out!!!


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Probble not because of some of the new mods it adds, It wil

Can i port my 1.2.5 tekkit map to this one? Can someone give me a link with information? Can't find anything about it. Mod List + Versions and so one.

l ned a new map

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Missing in Tekkit lite (vs Tekkit)

  • Computercraft EDIT: Now in version 0.5.1
  • CC sensors
  • Matmos


  • Server is based on forge rather than bukkit (no bukkit plugins are compatible).
  • MFFS has been continued in it's old state in the mod Advanced repulsion systems.
  • Equivalent Exchange 2 is replaced by Equivalent Exchange 3 (big changes)
  • IC2 Transformers is basically an updated version of Power Converters (to simplify the differences)
  • IC2 Advanced power management is basically an updated and extended version of IC2 charging bench (APM was inspired by charging bench)

Added in Tekkit Lite (Excluding NEI mods and ignoring mod versions)(vs Tekkit):

  • Logistics pipes
  • Factorization
  • Minefactory Reloaded
  • Mystcraft
  • OmniTools (listed as omniwrench on the modlist page)
  • Steve's carts
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Treecapitator

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Can i port my 1.2.5 tekkit map to this one? Can someone give me a link with information? Can't find anything about it. Mod List + Versions and so one.

Quoted from the tekkit website: "One geared for smaller servers"

You will need a new map as all the item ids of the tekkit items have changed + some plugins that are in tekkit classic are not anymore in tekkit lite. The name also tells you everything. Tekkit lite will have a less demanding structure that will focus mostly on smaller server communities etc.

Like basalt brick isn't anymore 142:2, but instead 255:4

Mods like Computer-craft are not implemented yet (tested the lite version on my testing server) so all your rules boards and other cool stuff won't be there if you convert your map to the lite version of tekkit.

Also you'll have to install the latest Forgebukkit if you want to add bukkit plugins as the tekkit lite runs atm on forge single handedly (no bukkit plugins work without forgebukkit atleast for me). Here is a link to the official forgebukkit "jenkins page" if you want: http://build.aegisgaming.org/job/BukkitForge/?

You'll have to then put the file into your coremods folder and restart your server. After that you can add plugins like plugman etc. but bukkit essentials doesn't work though.

So yes, you will need to create a new map if you want to use the lite version of tekkit. There will probably come a newer tekkit classic out as tekkit lite is missing some plugins from the 3.1.2 version of tekkit. I'd suggest that if you want to keep your map on the new tekkit versions that are coming you'd wait until the tekkit team releases a new tekkit classic version out as it will be more compatible with old tekkit stuff.

I'm going to personally wait until tekkit classic gets patched as i want to keep my bukkit plugins and i'm not going to play without meh computers ^_^

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Wow EE really got the nerf bat, not that I'm complaining but seems like Dark Matter Tools aren't even in this EE3-universal-pre1f, even though the MC Forums post states that they are, actually, in EE3. This looks like its going to be a bumpy ride, probably won't be able to convert my server to Tekkit Lite til at least after the weekend at best.

I mean why is this mod even included in the Pack? Look at this feature list, it wildly states that the mod doesn't have anything in it currently. Not even EMC values.

What features are in EE3? Is item X/Y/Z still around from EE2?

I haven't compiled a final list of what is in EE3 yet for the public, but here is the short list of what is in/out;

  • Red Matter has been removed. It was a cosmetic tier only to give people something to aim for after Dark Matter. Dark Matter is now the top tier tech in EE3.
  • Collectors have been removed. A different method for passive EMC generation will be introduced in the future.
  • Condensers have been removed. A suitable replacement with new mechanics will be added in the future.
  • The Destruction Catalyst/Hyperkinetic Lens have been removed. Their functionality still exists in the Dark Matter tools.
  • The EMC system will remain, but it will be changed to accomodate new and more interesting mechanics.
  • There will be a method to move EMC around in "wires."
  • More configuration options will be available to both players and server admins.
  • EE3 will feature an API, which is not complete at this time.
  • A transmutation system similiar to the Transmutation Tablet will exist, but is not ready to be disclosed at this time.

Wow after going through NEI I'd estimate that EE3 is adding less than 25 blocks and none of the NEI data seems to be accurate or available at this time. I have no idea what this mod is doing in the Pack, its obviously in the process of a huge overhaul and no where near functionally usable even with a new direction, and functioning anything like EE2 is completely out of the question (but not entirely a bad thing either).

Oh good gods this pre1f pre-release is over two months old and theres no updates to it either. The pre-release doesn't have anything other than a few items enabled and functional, only six total added blocks work in EE3-universal-pre1f, SIX BLOCKS.

Meanwhile the rest of what seems to have been added in Tekkit Lite appears to have added further complex methods of doing more or less the same things that BC2 and IC2 do but making it inanely complex (something like how Railcraft turns basic MC minecarting into a freaking job)....while sitting alongside BC3 and IC2...I mean why would I want to use Factorization other than to challenge myself to build extremely over complex machines that function more or less the same way IC2 machines do but perhaps do a few new things and produce a few new items? RP2 has been bad enough (but still a useful mod in the pack) in regards to sort of uselessly reproducing the functions of BC/IC, and now we have Factorization...which means there are basically four methods of industrial production and power generation...and this two month old EE pre-release which adds absolutely nothing to the Pack whatsoever and doesn't provide any kind of alternative progression options.

Seems to me the only reason to call this LITE is because its LITE on any viable alternative methods of approach other than complete industrial focus.

Sorry for multiple edits and I'm not shitting on the pack release it just seems like what was making Tekkit such a great modpack, which was mod diversity and expandability, is not in Tekkit Lite, especially with the complete loss of Bukkit, and while I know I can stick with Tekkit Classic, I personally don't feel like playing MC 1.2.5 for the rest of eternity either.

I realize that a lot of this stuff is not in the direct control of the Tekkit modpack team and I'm not flinging feces at them here. But my initial impression here (which may change after extended experimentation) is that Tekkit Lite is simply making the Tekkit experience a linear, one progression dynamic experience which over-complicates the process of industrial automation and even introduces complete redundancies in its presented options of industrial approach. You can do the same thing like four or five ways if I'm looking at these new additions correctly. But it all adds up to the same thing with only a slight variation in approach, machine type, transport dynamic and in some cases power type requirements.

I wouldn't call this Lite, I'd call it Bland. Tekkit was magic cause of its variable diversity, this doesn't capture that same spirit at all.

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  • Forum Administrators

The forum for discussing Lite is now up here http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/general-tekkit-lite.75/ as well as the official news post regarding it http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-lite-is-now-available/

Enjoy guys. :v:

Regarding EE3, its a complete overhaul. The whole goal with it is "balance." It still has a long way to go but we are excited to watch it grow through the versions.

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I think the idea of Tekkit Lite is that it ISN'T Bukkit, so it can be updated faster and perhaps include more mods. It's Lite because it's built for small servers with friends etc., instead of huge servers full of random people. Of course, this is just me guessing, but it seems to fit. People can't complain now that Tekkit isn't 1.4, but most server hosters will be sticking with the Bukkit versions because it gives them more control.

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Yes, you are right. But my server is dying, cause people getting bored with stuck on 1.2.5. I think Tekkit Lite is a nice idea, for the small servers, but also the "bigger" ones need a update.[ Like u said for more control, and also i wanna run it with mcmyadmin ] I hope someone has more Informations, cause if there is no minecraft version update comming for Tekkit Classic, i'll close the Server.

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YES updated Tekkit is here. this is asesome! wait.....no, update failed Messeg....NOOOOO! Tekkit launcher fail me agin. *sigh* i gess ill have to go back to the FTB pack until fixed.

Wow you give up pretty easy. Nice work. If there is an actual issue It would be helpful to submit a bug report and logs instead?

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