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[0.5]Epic Tekkit[25 Slots][Mistcraft Disabled Temp][PVP][24/7]

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Server IP : play.epictekkit.com

Server is brand new lets get it roaring :)

epictekkit.com is the website!



1) No spawn killing

2) No griefing spawn

3) Do not curse this is a family server

4)Do NOT ask for a mod position

5)Do NOT ask for free items

6)DO NOT ask for items back if you were killed.

We are a dedicated server that likes to have a good player community.

If a multiworld plugin is added there will be pve/pvp

Tux2 Is the Owner of the server


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First off, thanks Sean_McCarthyism for getting this thread started for me. I was extremely busy yesterday.

Second, since I can't edit OP, I'll post the rules here:

1. No griefing spawn

2. No spawn killing players

3. No asking for Op, rank, or items

4. Watch your language! We are a family friendly server!

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you banned me because i got angry :( i have anger management and i just got out of counciling and i lost all my stuff remember? And i would donate to the server because its already amazing

You have been pardoned.

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