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NubbyCraft: [No lag][50 slots][PvP/PvE][16gb ram][24/7][dedicated ram]


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Hey guys this is a brand new tekkit lite server, The server is a place for fun and entertainment. Hopefully you guys join and like the server. I'm doing my best to make it a good server :D.


1.Respect all staffs and member

2.Be respectful

3.Be polite

4.No duplicating

5.No asking for staff

6.No asking staffs or donaters for items

7.No spamming

8.No advertisement

9.No asking for op

Staff Ranks:







Donater Ranks:











See you soon!!! :D

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This server sucks. I can't place any blocks. Some guy named platium something or other tried to get my Minecraft information. He said if you typed in "login <username> <password>" it would let me place blocks. I tried it and got "Unknown Command". So he said to put it without a slash. I was like "No, that says it aloud". And he kept arguing that it was some kind of plugin and it wouldn't show it if it was the correct login info. I tried it with a fake password and it said it aloud. He said it said it aloud because it was the wrong password (obvious lie). So after arguing with him for serveral minutes I finally tried my real password. It said it aloud of course. I quickly changed my password though so my account's safe. Not only should this arrogant jerk be banned, but THE SERVER NEEDS TO ACTUALLY WORK! Can't play if I can't place a crafting table. -.-

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I'm pretty familiar with login plugins, but I've never had one not require a / before. Are you supposed to register first or something? I was really confused 'cause there were no errors or helps that said how to use it, or even that it was there at all. I just couldn't place blocks! I could walk around fine, and destroy blocks, just not place. Which is weird for a login plugin, aren't they supposed to stop all that? o_O

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Jenkins will open in new tab and find last successful artifact. There the download link under that. To install put it in your core mods start your server and a folder called plugins will be created. Then your server works like bukkit. Just put your plugins in the folder.


Link to bukkit forge: http://build.technicpack.net:8080/job/BukkitForge/?auto_refresh=false

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