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Now what do we do with this? Its not part of the core mods in the server install.

Its got a modules zip in the mods folder....it doesn't do anything, theres no documentation either.

If the modules are supposed to be creating configurations, they're not. Leaving the 0.5.1 ForgeEssentials jar in the core mods folder causes the server to fault on start up.

I've spent the whole day fucking with this update, I'm starting to get cranky here.

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I manually installed the latest build to my server, far as ForgeEssentials goes at least. Causes a exception crash on start up. I think its because they don't have a 1.4.7 build up yet.

Far as BukkitForge goes I'm wary about becoming dependent on something that is variably failing or passing depending on the hour of the day.

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