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[0.5.1]Mastoremata Server (Central Power Plant,Power Grid),Vanilla Tekkit


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20130115003319.pngThe server is for a limited amount of players who enjoy playing tekkit and making power grids,power plants,nuclear reactors...

I need help build the server.I provide power in they players houses with fiberglass wires.Currently there are 4 plots that can receive power via the power grid which extentds below the ground.The power grid starts at the Central Power Plant which currently has 4 MFE units and produces power with normal Generators.

If you want to be part of the server apply for the whitelist.Applications will be reviewed immediately.

Application Form:


Minecraft Username:


Preffered Tekkit Mod:

Are you banned in any server(Y/N):


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Name: Awesome William the I (Sean)

MC UN: Robert_Snype

Age: 757k+ seconds old (24)

Preferred Mod: IC2 of course

Banned? Never, that's one thing I think's kinda weird about me. I'm a mod on a vanilla server too!

Give me your juice!

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Server is now running 0.5.1 because my server provider doesnt fully support 0.5.2 yet..

You need to switch service providers then, cause minecraft is minecraft. all it takes is a computer, not a customized machine for each version.

Ill help if u still need it, cause u got 12 pages of rage postings haha.

Msg me if interested.

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Name: My parents wont let me say my real name so Spike.

Username: spikespaz

Age: 11

Prefered Tekkit Mod(s):Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, RedPower2,Equivalent Exchange, Rei's Minimap, and all of the other mods that involve building or engineering.

Banned: N

Extra: I want to be an engineer when I grow up.

Question: Am I allowed to build an airship?

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IGN: cheifshane

Name: Shane

Ic2 is my favorite

I was banned from one server because I was explaining to somebody about all these extremist groups like the kkk or black supremest groups and how I though it was funny how there was an extremist group for anything so I made a joke about how we should ban minecraft ice blocks in a made up extremist group and they thought I was being racist because I mentioned stuff about stuff the nazies did so they thought the mere mention of what nazies did is racist.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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