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help D: im trying to make a hv solar array factory


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Yeah, just make them from UU-Matter. If you have a massive HV Array factory, it should be easy enough.

Although I'd never play like that again. It's like EE2, but slightly delayed. So I avoid making iron, copper and tin with UU-Matter.

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Thermal Expansion induction smelter

"Smelting Ores (not dusts) with Sand can produce Rich Slag and will produce two ingots (removing the need to pulverize it first). This rich slag, if used in place of sand, can be smelted with two dusts to produce three ingots corresponding to the type of dust. The process of using rich slag also has a chance of producing normal slag"

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Scrapbox factory. Infinite scrapboxes = infinite minerals, diamonds, cake, among other useless things. It needs a lot of power to run, however. Search up "VideoBoy" on the forum and look for the thread describing the machine in detail. His design is rather innovative.

After you sort that out, well, good luck managing the ratios. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you soon will.

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