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[3.1.2] TekkitCraft [250 slots][Hard][New Map] || [CC dissabled, EE enabled]


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Welcome to TekkitCraft, how WE feel Tekkit should be played in a SMP world!




Press to get to our Twitterfeed

Tired of a server with unstable uptime, never know if map will reset or not, etc etc? No need to look any further!

Then this is the server for you! We used to have the oldest map of Tekkit till we updated and forced a new map, all resetted.

We have pretty basic rules, if u can do it, its legal, if u cant ... well you cant, easy as that!!


(last map were from may, so 5 months)


Create you own nation of towns, be a king. Claim land, for you residents to be safe in. We at TekkitCraft belives that Tekkit should be in the survivalmode, where the fittest will survive! When you start off, you have nothing. You can eihter run into the wilderness and create you own town, or you can join a town that already exists. Its dangerouse in the wildnerness, you cant really feel safe there, but you will be ur own master, no one to share your items and creations with..

But if you join a town, you creations are safe from greifers, they just cant reach it. Have your personal plots, where not even the other residents of the town can enter, invite only your friends to it, or give everyone in that town access, you decide what you want to do. Just remember, a town is based on sharing and community, thats whats makes it so safe.

We got a real dedicated crew, to ensure that you will get the best experience with Tekkit that you possible can get, from people that never player Minecraft before, or if you have played since Alpha.



Use common sence and behave

If its a safe zone, don't bypass it to kill people

If you think it may be slightly wrong. Ask before doing it.


Do NOT ask us to enable items thats not enabled. We have

done this since Tekkit was avalible, if its dissabled its for

a reason. We NEVER claimed to be an easy server, respect that!

For the average user, they wont notice much, but for those that are

REAL into Tekkit, we are alot harder than many other server out there.

Power isnt free, large farctories ... u really need to work to have them going!



Owners note:

We REALLY love to see all you guys online, playing, having fun, rage, battle other players, do our buildoffs, contribute and what not towards the server. When we first started, we never expected to get to this point. We of course hoped to be some of the top runnes, but when we get 118 online at the time, we are kind of blown away. All you guys REALLY motivates us, and we love you all. Its YOU that make us what we are, without you guys, we would be nothing. And we will at ALL TIME do our best to improve, so that playing on our server is fun!


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  • Created a new plugin for our server to move old lwc stuff away without the need for admins

  • Mayors can use the commands /oust town <non-resident-name> or use /oust fist and punch the lwc of the non-resident to get rid of it

  • Added an automatic storage update that calculates the free space and updates signs

  • Added /oust self <town> command for players to reclaim their stuff from a town from where they got kicked

  • Changed the chat to be more easy on the eyes

  • Changed the internal workings of oust to be async so we don't kill the server on a player with millions of protections

  • Changed the auto inactivity ousting to be configurable in config, was based on towny before

  • Added a new command for admins - lwclist - which lists all lwc protections in WE selection

  • Major rewrite of the command handler and logging. Now we're logging plaintext to a seperate log file and formatted text is sent to users.

  • Added a item filter which deletes any item not in the specified ranges upon ousting.

  • Added a emc filter which checks if the items are valuable enough to even oust. Per 10 protections the emc has to be 2048 (atm) or contain a non-emc item.

  • Added automatic removal of items from storage when the player hasn't claimed his stuff in 60 days.

  • Added a log viewer for mods to check what items were moved or where moved.

  • Added two new perm nodes, one for the log viewer the other for the past lwclist command.

  • Changed automatic ousting to remember when the last auto oust was done to continue from that point in time (so offline times wont skip people).

  • Added a new command to cleanup stuff the player doesn't want - /oust clean

  • Added a new command for admins - /oust clean <playername>

  • Added a new command /oust kicker [on|off|set date] which can control the auto kicker module - view the status, start it, stop it or set the lower date from which lwc will be removed

  • Added a packet filter feature into /oust packet

  • Comes with packet profiling to see how much some mod packets take under /oust packet s

  • And limiting (which saves) - use it when you have limited bandwidth like me. So when you build your systems too big and start getting DC. Have a look in the stats, then test ur internet speed and set the limits (ore use defaults with /oust packet l on)

Powercrystals Powerconverters

  • Fixed a self-recursion bug with water strainers


  • Shops can be linked to IronChest mod chests

  • Shops can be linked to EE mod chests (alc chest/condenser)

  • Condensers firs slot (target slot) is ignored

  • Fixed inventory status checker to not reset the players inventory (fixing the issue of ee items resetting all the time when clicking on signshop signs)


  • BC pipes, RP pipes and RP machines can no longer be placed against a protection that the placer doesn't have access to - so no more pumping out stuff.

  • Buildcraft and Redpower can no longer break any protection (quarrys and fillers case)

  • Block place event listener priority fix so that it wont create empty protections


  • Timers, Sequencers and State Cells fastest speed is now 1 second (up from 0.2sec)

  • Changed flax flowers to always drop only 1 string per tile when fully grown

  • Fixed screwdrivers and GUI permission bypasses

  • Blockbreakers can no longer break: Stone, cobblestone, obsidian, mossy stone or any other container thats protected with LWC

  • Deployers can no longer deploy: Bonemeal, fillers, Quarries, flaxseeds, Mushroom Stew and Nova Catalyst

  • Changed frames to check for block break and place events. As RP fakeuser is op by default this has an explicit effect on LWC'd blocks (especially watch out for locked air from olders machines) as any lwc moving will tear the machine apart. To work a machine with such blocks on them - remove the locks with /cremove before you start moving ur frames.

Equivalent Exchange

  • Most tools changed to check against Bukkit plugins if the caster can break the wanted blocks

  • Philosopher Stone projectile also checks if the mob being transmuted on is positioned where the player can break blocks

  • All tools that use EMC to break blocks (most of em right click) had their EMC usage per block break changed from 8 emc per block to 80 emc per block

  • Transmutation table multiverse bug fixed, where in some worlds it didn't just work

  • RM furnace dupe bug fixed

  • Fixed BHB/Void ring dupe bug

  • Changed the transmutation table so that when you put a half broken tool as the target you can't take broken tools out of the table anymore

  • Fixed 2 transmutation table dupe bugs

  • Removed EMC value of oil bucket

  • Removed EMC value of shroom soup

  • Changed the EMC value of milk bucket to water bucket

  • Disabled Collectors

  • Disabled Pedestals

  • Disabled Ring of Ignition

  • Disabled Zero Ring

  • Disabled Harvest Band

  • Disabled Ring of Arcana

  • Disabled Archangel`s Smite

  • Disabled Watch of Flowing Time

  • Disabled Hyperkinetic Lense

  • Disabled Catalyctic Lense

  • Disabled Gem Armour

  • Disabled Evertide amulet

  • Disabled Volcanite amulet

  • Nerfed Red Matter Armor to be a little bit more powerful than Dark Matter so it's still possible to kill players in it

  • Changed ladder emc value to match its materials. emc = stick emc * 7 / 3

  • Changed stone slabs values to 0 because people were abusing the EE limitation that it can't have 0.5 emc values

  • Changed swiftwolf's projectile to check perms for pvp & build rights when creating lightning

Industrial Craft

  • 1 blaze rod macerator recepie changed from 5 blaze powders to 2 powders

  • 1 bone macerator recepie changed from 5 meals to 3 meals

  • Fixed a lag issue which should be implemented in future IC releases

  • Fixed MFE*s and MFSU's redstone button to work on all worlds (MV bug)

  • Fixed Nuclear Control objects client side settings, so they are saved now

  • Fixed Nuclear Controls GUI permissions bypass

  • Disabled crafting of buckets out of tin

  • Disabled crafting of Industrial Credit coins

  • Disabled crafting of nukes

  • Disabled crafting of dynamite

  • Reduced all energy generation values with 50%

  • Changed the power of explosion power of a nuclear reactor to 1 (down from 45)

  • Fixed all explosions pvp bypass (inc. mining laser) and changed block removal from canceling out on first access deny to remove all possible blocks

  • Changed nano armor damage absorbing from 90% to 80%

  • Changed quantum armor damage absorbing from 100% to 85% and power per damage from 30 to 200 - so ppl should start watching their armor charge now

  • Changed Nano Saber to never destroy quantum or nano armor, just discharge it making player more vulnerable

  • Fixed wrench to not remove protection when orientating a machine

Modular Force Field Systems

  • Disabled Block Cutter and Zapper upgrades


  • Added tile entity caching to power and liquid pipes, reducing per-tick cpu usage by 10 times

Additional Buildcraft Pipes

  • Fixed power teleport power multiplication bug

  • Fixed water and power teleport pipes server crash issue using a loop which causes stack overflow

  • Added another fix for the above, which crashed us 2 nights now

  • Added tile entity caching to power and liquid pipes, reducing per-tick cpu usage by 10 times

  • Disabled Teleport Tether


  • Fixed crystal chests lag bug

  • Changed chest emc values to match their material cost. New values:

    • Copper chest: 744 (8x copper ingot + chest)

    • Iron chest: 1772 (copper chest + 4x iron + 4x glass)

    • Silver chest: 3824 (Iron chest + 4x silver + 4x glass)

    • Gold chest: 12020 (silver chest + 4x gold + 4x glass)

    • Diamond chest: 28405 (silver chest + 3x dia + 5x glass)

    • Crystal chest: 28413 (diamond chest + 8x glass)


  • Moved our LB database away from the main so it wont be backed up that often, fixing our every morning (6 gmt) crashes


  • Disabled World Anchor

  • Disabled TNT Cart

  • Disabled Anchor Carts


  • Disabled due to old known hacks, crashes and huge tps lag that can be made by newbies

Balkon weapons

  • Disabled due to servercrashes with dispensers

Compact Solars

  • Disabled due server balance

Wireless Redstone Chicken Bone Edition

  • Disabled due server crashes


  • Added 4 new destinations to the 2 wildernessportals at spawn


  • Updated WorldEdit to version 5.4.2 with full support for custom blocks

Map properties

  • Firespread dissabled

  • TNT blockdamage dissabled

  • Borderlimit increased from 5000 to 8000 in main world

  • Idlekick changed from 5 min to 10 min

Towny Advanced

  • Set inactivity kicker to 18 days for residents in a town

  • Disabled all regenfeatures

  • Disabled town/outpost creations in all worlds beside main world


  • Installed


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Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ Currently also with Herochat (more to come at a later stage)

IGN: ghillieLEAD

AGE: 18

PREVIOUS SERVERS: admin and modder for mcpvp.com, t1.mcpvp.com, a.mcctf.com, b.mcctf.com, c.mcctf.com, d.mcctf.com

Just got interested in the technic pack and am looking for a server with mature admins and players to join.

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Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [PvP] [Whitelist] [Towny] [Eco and shops] [LWC] [Citizens]

I just edited the first post with some info about plugins added, and some of the future plans (this is for players that have allready posted in the thread, so they gets a notice as we dont have a forum to use for ourselfe)

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