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best melee weapon in tekkit lite


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Yes , the batleaxe ignore some armor but it may be useful only against vanilla armor , against nanoarmor or quantum should be better to pick up the saber . For PvE the saber is the better choiche : it deals 10 hearts of damage versus the most damaging melee weapon of balkon's weapons mod , the halberd , that deals 6.5 hearts if i remeber correctly .

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I don't know if they are "the best", but I like the power armor and the weapons on the power tool.

You can install the rail gun in the modular power armor power tool -- it can kill most creatures with a single shot from far away.

You can also install the melee module for decent melee damage with a lot of knockback -- send those creepers flying.

The power armor takes a lot of resources to build, but flying around and not worrying about fall damage is great.

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Which is exactly why it's good. Endermen are like the mods of Tekkit. Enderdragon is the server owner.

Huh? Endermen are pussies. Two hits with nano saber and it's dead, assuming he didn't pussy away after the first hit like they always do. The Athame is useless against other mobs.

I haven't done any testing myself so I don't have any real numbers, but what about an enchanted halberd? You may be able to enchant nano and quantum armor but not the blade. In contrast you can enchant a halberd with Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Vorpal II, Unbreaking III, and maybe some more. My best guess is that baby must do more than 10 points. It's also harder to make due to the randomness of enchants, but with an efficient mob essence setup, it's possible.

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