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Warning to every server with GriefPrevention(Serious Bug)


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I have got the same issue with GP. The author told me it might have to do with mcpcplus (i also heard of much more problems with bukkitforge). The fakeplayer as i understood i right is to give the mod access to your protection (give it permission). As the turtle and quarry,... are able to ignore protections without fakeplayer there must be something wrong with mcpc+ (bukkitforge) as it worked like that in Tekkit Classic.

I also can confirm this bug with worldguard and areprotect.

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There will never be a way to completly disable trolling and griefing. Some idiots might use this information, but they would be able to get it elsewhere or just try it. First thing i would do as a troll is to try such things.

Also in my opinion it is important for a server owner to know about what the problem is and that it might be fixed soon.

It is not nessessary to blame me or anyone else for trying to help other server owners!

BTW the title of this thread is enough for some trolls to try to grief those servers.

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Turtles are by far my favorite griefing tool. You can use them to break buildings block by block, cover buildings in hard materials like obsidian and reinforced stone, and even make gigantic cobblestone mountains with only a few stacks of water and lava (which are easily obtained via UU matter).

There was a period in Tekkit Classic where turtles could PLACE blocks in protected areas, but not break blocks. I would find small holes in people's bases, guide my turtle to the hole remotely through a stationary computer, and plant nukes inside.

Not to mention you can make fun and realistic aerial attacks. Fly several turtles packing stacks of TNT (again, UU matter) in triangle formation over a defenseless village of wooden houses. The planes drop visible strings of TNT as I sit on a mountain nearby laughing at its inhabitants as they hopelessly try to pillar up and destroy the invaders before their homes became replaced by a long and wide artificial ravine. Every pilot made it safely to the rendezvous point that day. They were safely packed into an ender chest which was then automatically destroyed with a block breaker and TNT so there would be no evidence of them ever landing there. This was by far the most fun I've ever had with Minecraft. Moral of the story: it's okay to grief when you do it with style.

Mod Edit: You also hosted it straight off tumblr. Don't do that.

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