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Stickweed Seeds?


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I'm quite interested in what these are, and how to acquire them. From my understand they are like reed except they give resin.

If this is right, I do have another question... Can deployers "right" click them when they are needed to be. If this is the case would be nice having a stickweed farm for resin, would be interesting.

EDIT: Also I'm wondering about Phase pipes. Is it not possible to have 2 quarries hooked up to 1?

Example, you have 3 conductive ones, 1 is sending, two a receiving, is this possible? Actually is this possible for all of the Phase pipes.

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IC2 crops don't work on an "X + Y = Z" setup, but instead "X + Y = 45% chance of X, 45% chance of Y, 2% chance of Z, 1.7% chance of L, 0.12% chance of Q, ..."

It's weighted randoms, so you can start with 2 wheat and eventually crossbreed every plant in existence. Just match keywords and get as close as you can in tiers and you'll eventually get what you want.

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