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Energy transport


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What's the best method , considering also cost/efficency , to transport energy over long distances without using telport pipes , enderchests or other similar devices ?

-4x insulated HV cables transporting EV current ( 2048 EU/t ) to minimize the energy loss


-BC conductive golden pipes with EV current converted ( 819 MJ/t ) to minimze energy loss

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Ok i've calculated a bit and i've found that golden pipes are not worth the cost as they lose 2 times the enrgy lost on the HV cables :

HV , as stated by disconsented , lose 1.25 EU per block

Golden conductive pipes lose 0.1% of energy per block so 0.819 MJ , as the conversion factor between MJ and EU is 2.5 EU per MJ , the loss is around 2 EU per block

Redstone conduits lose 5% of energy but they are not distance-related so they'll lose around 41 MJ , that converted means around 102 EU .

So i've concluded that HV cables are the best choice to transport energy on relatively short distances ( around 82 blocks ) but the redstone conduits are better on longer distances .

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