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Request: Free hosting service (tekkit lite+teamspeak)


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Me and a friend would like to start a small server (20 slots), and I was wondering if

it would be possible for someone to help me get free hosting service for a tekkit lite server and a teamspeak 3 server.

I am familiar with other hosting services, so I kind of know how these things work, and I can also work with FTP, so a complicated control panel is not necessary.

I will try to do as much as I can on my own, to not burden the hoster with every problem I encounter

Thanks in advance,

Fallout<I like seeing my name in print as much as possible>

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It was not for minecraft, but a while ago on another game, there was plenty of nice people offering me free hosting service.

There were indeed the crappy people who think they can help you, but who totally can't host, but there were Also good people, who gave me great hosting service.

I was just wondering if there would also be those kind of people here on Tekkit :)

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For $15 USD

20 slot tekkit lite allocated 3Gb RAM (Build of your choice)

32 slot TS3

FTP access to the Tekkit Lite directory

Hosted on a windows dedicated server (NOT a VPS, an actual dedicated)

This is NOT for free because I pay a lot for the dedicated but it has RAM going to waste so I'm willing to host

At this price however you need to remember, I am not offering professional hosting, if there is a problem the best you can do is leave me a message and wait for me to get online, considering how I work 12 hour shifts you could be waiting up to a day depending on when you send the message

If you are interested then PM me and I'll give you 2 weeks free so you can see how well the servers perform

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