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Does anyone here like to watch/play a sport?

I personally like football myself (soccer if you're American)

I quite like basketball, that doesn't mean I'm very good at it though. I'm decent at volleyball.

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I only watch hockey, since it my national, provincial and municipal sport, but I play a few. I'm hockey at rugby, lacrosse and okay. However, I shine much more in fencing and wrestling. I like combat sports.

Did you just switch the words hockey and okay in your second sentence? :l

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Watch? No.

But I do enjoy slalom. The rush when you zig-zag and your legs getting tired and you simply think "Fuck it!" and go straight down a steep hill.

Oh god, the adrenaline...

Oh, I always liked slalom, and I would like to try it, but I never heard of installations for it anywhere close to where I live.

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I like Basketball as well, I'm probably the best in my school but that's not much to brag about considering I live in England and basketball isn't that big a sport here

Rugby's good as well although I did suffer an injury the other day, someone stood on my arm whilst wearing boots...yeah it hurt

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