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4 person Tekkit server 8 GB RAM NEED PLAYERS!


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I'm running a small 4 person tekkit server. Looking for anybody with a mic. and skype. No age requirements, just need to be mature. (don't act like an annoying little kid)

Server is using an 8 core AMD cpu @4.00 Ghz

And 8 GB of dedicated RAM

To apply, please post the following form in a reply to this thread. (with the questions answered of course)

First name(or whatever you'd like to be called):

Age(doesn't matter. and DO NOT lie):

Skype name:

Do you have a good mic.?:

Do you know how to use tekkit?:

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First name(or whatever you'd like to be called):alex

Age(doesn't matter. and DO NOT lie):12

Skype name:alexday47

Do you have a good mic.?:yes it is on a brand new computer

Do you know how to use tekkit?:not realy im kinda new to tekkit but im willing to learn about it and i learn things quickly

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YOU need to learn to read. You can post small servers up to 4 people.

Allow me to assist you with your reading skills. This is cut/paste directly from the Small Scale Recruitment Thread at the top of the section:

This thread is reserved for people looking for one or two other people to play privately with. It's strictly for small scale private games, so no more than 4 people, including the host. Anyone found using this thread to circumvent our moderation queue for server posts will be humiliated and flamed, then banned. The order of those actions may change.

I don't know where you got the impression that the existence of a recruitment thread and the terms stated therein made it acceptable to post your server thread in the wrong section, then tell off someone who tried to give you advice (albeit a bit rudely), but you got the wrong impression.

To everyone else that got a warning and anyone else reading this: the mods here, myself in particular, are getting really tired of people making server posts in the wrong place. It makes it far more difficult for people to actually figure out what they want to read and help with, and the server poster in question usually (but not always) gets people that have no clue what they're doing because they're looking for a server in the wrong place. We made a thread for the purpose (mentioned above) because people don't always want to play with more than a few people, and we felt it'd be a good spot for small groups to link up. We can remove it just as easily.

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