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(1.1.0) The 1.99 Megawatt (1999kW) Self-Sustaining Fusion Reactor


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UPDATE: This is now the 1.99 Megawatt (1990 Kilowatt) Single Core Fusion Reactor! Worldfile with howto is here : http://puu.sh/29Vf7 ...




Same concept as the typical 3x3 single core reactor, only with 4 cores. Included are 8 deuterium extractors that are powered by the same battery box that returns power to the 4 Fusion cores. That amounts to 2 extractors per core, allowing this to infinitely generate its own power. Enough power, in fact, to infinitely power a hadron collider. Tap off a battery box or two to power your base/machines. Screenshots following :

This is an overview of the 4 core system. It seems barely stable as little fires flare up inside the fusion tube where the plasma is being produced fast enough by 4 cores to put them out. I can vouch for it though, I've had it running for many refueling cycles without it melting down.


This is the power routing. All Advanced Battery Boxes used. Only one (with a 50% voltage downconverter) battery box is required to power the extractors -and- the 4 fusion cores. A logistics wire is used to power an alarm when the reactor is no longer producing current to the batboxes.


This is the extractor array. For power integrity I wired an additional batbox (with downconverter) to power the extractors rather than forcing the power to always split, potentially starving the 4 cores.


Finally the underbelly. Pretty simple, but added for completion. No funny business down here.


Cores are arranged like this :


The plasma tunnel as per standard :


Infinite coolant water placement as per standard (disregard glass) :


All the way around :


Fill the middle with water and then arrange the steam turbines like this. Wherever there are no turbines, the water does not heat. These empty corners may be covered if desired.


Wire the underside of the 4 cores to a wire leading outside, and wire all of your turbines together (Insulated silver wire shown):


Wire up your batboxes. Maximum number of batboxes sustainable with this setup has not been tested. Don't forget your voltage downconverter in the batbox wired up to the fusion cores! The advanced battery boxes crank out 240V and the cores accept 120V, omitting either the downconverter upgrade in the batbox or a step-down 120V transformer will explode 1 or more of your fusion cores!


This is where you add the deuterium cells... HOWEVER! This was the first time I used insulated silver wire for this setup. There was too much resistance in the wire and not enough power was reaching the cores to self-sustain. Superconductor wires MUST be used for this setup. Completed product as seen in the first screenshots.

I will not bother a step by step for setting up the extractors or the collider, those are well-known and searchable by now.

Hope you guys like!

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Cool reaktor, thank you for your screens. So 624KW with 4 reactors. How much does one give with a "normal" setup?

The common plasma ring situation seems to generate 300-350ish Kilowatts. The design was much more impressive before the fusion nerf. I have, however, come up with a much more powerful SINGLE core setup... Revisions to come! (1.1.0 Voltz, btw)


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Coolt. What happens if you expand the water some under the big turbines (so nothing of them are over stone)?

Absolutely nothing. Water out that far doesn't get heated. That's what makes no sense. You can add the 3 extra turbines (which never turned to begin with) and end up with a 3x3 turbine that cranks out more power.

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Is it not that one large turbine will produce more energy than 9 regular ones under the same conditions? This might explain the power increase.

I suppose, but I think it also has something to do with the % of smaller ones that turned before. I've tried to hang a 3x3 over an area where only 1 small would rotate only to find the 3x3 wouldn't budge.

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I bet you won't get a warning on this due to how well thought out your reactor is but you might want to start editing your posts instead of double posting. It's the most easily and commonly broken rule in the forums and most don't intend it. Just a heads up.

I haven't been playing Voltz much but nevertheless, this is very impressive. Good work!

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Trick I learned from the Calclavia forums from user KingKaizoku : steam can pass through two layers of turbines. That said, you can do no more than double your power output from a single layer setup. I was able to effectively double my power output from my ~1 MW design. My previous design was redone with a second layer of turbines as seen below.

KingKaizoku linked screenshots of a reactor he built originally built in 0.4.1 Atomic Science producing over 4 MW of power. I loaded his world file into 1.1.0 Voltz using 0.3.8 Atomic Science and the exact reactor produced ~1.8 MW. Seems as though the next update is buffing Fusion by a sizable amount!

New World File to below -

Also, I'm unsure of their usefulness, but the steam funnels seem to aid in transferring steam from one layer to another. Any dev comment on their function would be appreciated.


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