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Quarry's won't work on server.

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Hey so I know this question has been posted a lot on various forums, however I haven't been able to fix my problem. I am running a tekkit lite server version 1.4.7 with 3 friends and we can place the quarry and land marks and have it make the red and black square defining the boundaries of the quarry, however no matter which engines we use, they won't do anything when powered next to the quarry. I know the engines work on other things since I have a working pump. I have opped [buildCraft] and buildcraft and have no additional plug-ins. Any help?

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The engines should still work while you are at your quarry regardless of chunk loading. ( they only matter when no one else is personally in the area ). Is there anyway you can post a picture of the setup? Im assuming that when you say you have the engines next to the quarry that you are attaching them to the quarry so that they directly power it. I know this may sound dumb, but make sure the engine you use has fuel and a red stone signal.

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