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[0.6.5] Sunwire [30 Slots][Survival PvP/PvE][Towny][iConomy][Whitelist] [NoEE/Myst][24/7] FRESH!


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IGN: playtoop

Age: 15

Location: Nampa, Idaho

Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? Im kind of the explorei type but i love to build and create things also.

Other things you'd like to add. I have been playing tekkit almost since it has come out...and im really just looking for a great friendly server.

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You shouldn't have made it whitelisted... You should have made a "noob" rank where players can only access ores and items that are found in the world, and add players to member rank as requested on the server. Too bad this server died, it was pretty decent.

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