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Tekkit Lite Excessive RAM usage


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Hi all.

I have recently got a wombat server hosting tekkit lite for around 5 mates.

I have added Mo' Creatures to the server, (however i have reduced mob spawning to around 1/3 of original rate), and currently there is almost nothing on the server outside small vanilla constructions. (no excess machinery)

The server uses around 700mb of RAM most of the time, which is what i would expect it to use. Then over time this ramps up to around 1.3GB.

I receive no memory leak errors or anything out of the ordinary in my log files.

Is it normal for a tekkit lite server to use this much RAM?

- If so I guess i may have to remove some coremods

- If NOT, any suggestions as to what may be causing this?

Thanks for your help

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try to remove mo'creatures completely, i got the same issue, and have a pretty decent server, i removed mo'creatures and everything worked well

Also dont try to substitute it with AtmosMobs or you'll face tremendous lag

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Nay, it's normal for a minecraft server to do that.

Java is fat, it will hog all the RAM you give it. It only starts garbage collection once it reaches the maximum memory you allocated.

Unless you have some sever lags, it's all normal.

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