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Adjusting flight characteristics of MM PowerSuit?


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I currently have Jet Pack, Jet Boots, Glider Wings, and Flight Control (Helmet) installed. If I move one square forward, I drop about three squares in height (without space being held). Same problem when moving backwards. Keeping altitude while moving forward requires the space bar be held down more than 75% of the time otherwise you drop like a falling brick. (This is all however, without holding down shift for the glider function.)

Makes short controlled movement an extreme pain.

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Yeah flight control is really finicky, luckily MachineMuse agrees

I'm looking at refining it a bit' date=' the current version is kind of jumpy. I might make the current behaviour of flight assist the default behaviour of the jetpack, and then have flight assist give more fine-tuned control.[/quote']

You can, it seems, edit some multipliers for some things in the config file, but nothing for Flight Control, so it doesn't seem possible now. Having a weight of 25kg might exacerbate the problem, so maybe look out for that, but it doesn't seem there's any way to remedy it further at the moment.

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The biggest problem you will encounter with the power suits is weight. You have to manage the weight to a lower level in order to maximize your flight capabilities. This will, however, make you less resilient and you will probably take more damage, but that's just a cost of decent flying.

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