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MystCraft ages with GroupManager

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I wanted a way to automatically include MystCraft ages into GroupManager's world permissions. I have seen an option for the GroupManager config.yml which would match any world name (specifically the "all_unnamed_worlds) in the Github source but haven't had any luck with that.

Enter inotify. The Linux kernel has the ability to watch files/directories for changes. I have written a script that watches two of these:

1) Watch the TekkitLite.jar file for "CLOSE_NOWRITE" which will throw an event if TekkitLite.jar was previously opened for reading (i.e. when the server starts) and was subsequently closed. On this event the monitoring script simply terminates itself.

2) Watch the "worlds" folder under GroupManger for the creation of new directories with the assumption that this would be a user entering a new age. The script will copy the files from an existing "good" world's permissions into the newly created directory and then push a "manload" command into the Tekkit server (running inside a "screen" session of course) to reload GroupManager's world permissions.

Simply execute the script in the background (i.e. "sh myst_inotify.sh &") from withing your launcher script directly before running the Java/Tekkit process.

The Script: (myst_inotify.sh)












inotifywait -m --format '%e %w %f' -e create -e close_nowrite "$TEKKITJAR" "$GMWORLDS" | while read event dir file; do


  if [ $event == "CREATE,ISDIR" ]; then


      $screen -d -r $scrname -p 0 -X stuff "$(printf '\r')"

      $screen -d -r $scrname -p 0 -X stuff "manload $(printf '\r')"


  if [ "$dir" == "$TEKKITJAR" ]; then

      kill -9 `pgrep -P $MYPID -n -x inotifywait`



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This is no longer required since the latest Essentials builds (which at least work with BukkitForge build 245 and server 0.6.1) now has a config option for "all_unnamed_worlds" which catches all the mystcraft dimensions.


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Word for Thought. If a mystcraft age is loaded and you do the command /manload, that mystcraft world will be added to the worlds dir in the group manager's list of worlds. meaning it now has its own groups & users ymls. All that will equal that it is no longer mirrored with your "world" groups and users.

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