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Try a different image service like imgur, since your current one seems borked. You might also try submitting a bug report if it is actually a bug.

It's working fine for me. Strange.

All I can suggest is checking the version numbers and redownloading both client and server.

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I previously made a post about this exact problem. The server ZIP files have configs for MFFS and Transformers which haven't changed (assuming you are using a version with those mods included). I installed the Technic Launcher and after choosing Tekkit Lite the configs for those two mods were different on my client than the ones in the server zip. Making my client match the server fixed this problem.

If you are starting a new world you wouldn't really have a problem changing the server to match the client. However, if you are connecting to a world that has these items/blocks in it already and then change the server configs you are gonna have a bad day.

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