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Antikas Plays: Hexxit 3 / Crash Landing / FTB / And More [720p]


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What's New!
Hexxit 3 BETA : Minecraft 1.7.10 Modded Survival! #5 | Castle Crashing!
With the rogue-like dungeon behind us, its time to look at some lag fixes and then conquer us a castle (sorta)!

About Me

Hey Everyone,
I started playing Minecraft with my kids, and recording it because they didn't want me to play without them. Fast forward a couple of years and I find myself doing  adventure maps, vanilla, modpacks, and other games that cater to my short attention span!
I love to interact with my subscribers so I'm hoping a little promotion here will provide some growth and keep my channel interesting. All my videos are in HD (720p), and I put a lot of effort into editing so the content is fun, and flows well. I publish 2-3 videos per week, and generally have several series running at once.


Series Information

Following are playlists for my featured series, although I may throw a few random things on the channel from time to time. I will make an effort to update this post as I release new content.


Z4vn3XG.pngEW02fbv.png Edited by antikas
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Episode 1 - Sicken helps me install a gas line into the Apiarist Center, via his newly formed subsidiary" Arbos Sustainable Systems Generated Agricultural Supplies (A.S.S.G.A.S aka A.S.S.Fuels).

Episode 2 - Sicken, John and I head to the Nether to make ghasts cry-- in hopes of saving all bee-manity!

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Minecraft - Feed the Beast (Mindcrack): Episode 3

We take a mini tour on what I've completed with the honey/biomass system, which leads to a big dilemna with regard to our power system. Suggestions would be appreciated!


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