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Custom Modpack Survival Series - Multiple POVs - Quad Commentary - 1080p HD Widescreen


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Hello, and welcome to Team Ultra!


Join Mrman, Jim, Kael, and Kauff as they survive in their custom Team Ultra modpack throughout their already 30+ episode series. The series contains camera switches to allow you to see everyone's activity throughout the video and not one continuous player. Some embarrassing, comedic, and otherwise entertaining moments are in store for you if you click the video below, activating the first episode of the still active series. It only gets better as the episodes are released.

Episodes 1-14 feature the team on a Japanese-style island, surviving using popular mods such as GregTech, Buildcraft, Forestry, Flans, and Flenix Cities. After a devastating accident occurs, the team is forced to move to a new location across the seas that could be mistaken for Canada. The team now survives using some of the existing mods from before, as well as a brand new set in their new location. Mrman can be found in his Space Center preparing for a trip to space, while Kael creates massive quantities of machines, Rhys manages the culinary wonder "Chez Batman". Last but not least, Jim can be seen piloting plenty of planes and running a computer workshop. 
More Links:
Series Playlist:  Edited by mrman198
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