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TiVinese Plays: Hexxit!


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Minecraft Hexxit Ep.3 | Adventure!




Hello, all! Here is one of my videos where some "exciting" things actually happen. Hexxit is probably one of the most known modpacks, but for me I am a noob to all the mods contained in this pack, so please bare with me when I get excited when finding new items. 




I am an "average" Minecraft player, so I may not do a lot of things right at the moment. I really love playing Minecraft, though, discovering new things, exploring, especially with all these modpacks! Anywho, I really love to communicate with my viewers, asking them what they'd like to see, or even taking requests. I also just recently started making my videos in HD, so there's another plus, right? I also have a bad habit of making my Minecraft videos longer than 30 minutes, but eh. So, anyways, feel free to check out my channel!


About My Series


For my Minecraft Hexxit series, I was thinking about setting goals. For example: Getting a certain item, defeat this mob, craft this, craft that, and I those goals will be given to ME by my audience, my subscribers. Also, if you know the Hexxit modpack very well, maybe you'd like to give some me some advice? Again, I am a noob to pretty much all the modpacks, so yeah.


Want To Keep In Touch?


My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbgrcyzIxhRzgObD7-akS9A


My Twitter: https://twitter.com/TiVinese

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