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[1.5.1] Misc Minecraft Bugfixes


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I went wandering through the mess that is the Minecraft source code attempting to fix as many bugs as I could from the MC bug tracker (mostly thanks to a very helpful user on the Minecraft bugtracker called Markku who reported a bunch of bugs and also posted the required code changes to fix said bugs (naturally Mojang has completely ignored these for months)). This thread is the result. So far I made it to around ~2000. All fixes in this thread are compatible with any Forge version for 1.5.1 up to 629 (I can't predict what files they will modify in the future :P). To install any of the fixes, just extract into your minecraft.jar (and delete META-INF if necessary, of course), or add the zip file(s) as jar mods in MultiMC (they get put into the "instMods" folder). I have a few more that I fixed but I need to make sure are compatible with Forge 629 (my dev environment was at 608, and the remaining fixes are in files that Forge also modifies, unlike the ones already posted).

Downloads (and links to the appropriate bug report):

[1.4.7] Lava flow fix [MC-4631]

[1.5.1] Lava flow fix [MC-4631]

[1.5.1] dogs growl forever fix [MC-1320]

[1.5.1] mobs spawn for a tick in peaceful [MC-1202]

[1.5.1] cave generation fix [MC-7200]

[1.5.1] air in water fix [MC-954]

[1.5.1] desert villagers hate rain fix [MC-1105]

[1.5.1] zombie pigmen burn in daylight fix [MC-1598]

[1.5.1] pumpkins+jackolanterns+melons place everywhere [MC-1947]

Here's a video showing what the lava fix does (the original purpose of the thread):

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The bug report is still open so I suspect they haven't done anything about it yet. I'll try and get a 1.5.1 version up later today (gotta set up a whole new dev environment, whee).

Edit: Indeed the bug is still there. Had to make a slight change to the code, but it seems to be working still. 1.5.1 version is now up.

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Lava flow is definitely a bug. They put an explicit check in the lava flow update that makes it skip 75% of the time, so that it dissipates slower. However, there is a missing block update scheduling call which makes the previous check mostly irrelevant, so that lava takes hours instead of minutes to update. See this comment from the bug report for a more detailed explanation.

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