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[0.6.5] TheBlackDeath [80slots][24/7][NewMap][PvP][Griefing][Raiding][Towny]


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Hey server been banned for crashing the server. It has to do with the item tracker. And pvp protection in spawn. My brother daniel_talth can help you fix this issue. we would like to help you test and fix this bug. The item is a great item and would like to help you make it compatible. Skype name is foulblade1. Awesome server!

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:( if any lag it would be client side -.- if you can tell me the percent of extra cpu cost by all means I'd like to know.

No. Really. IT DOES cause lag, and stop bitching. there is a warning when Clag is about to hit. -_-

Im Pretty sure an entire plugin would not be created on a misguided notion of whether or not item sprites cause lag.

Server sounds awesome, will probably give it a try when i have time!

*cough* get rid of towny and go hardcore *cough*

ehh, think i caught that dicks cold...

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Iv'e tried connecting the passed few days and get a "error" internal server shut down message pop up. ive never seen this before and have had no trouble getting on other servers. just not yours. anyone have an idea how to fix? i like the sound of this server. :)

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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