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Mann Vs. Machine Mecha Engine


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Alright, since the founder of scrap.tf generously gave me a mann up ticket, and I was playing with them last night, but had to quit, I've been wanting to do the Mecha Engine tour. Here's the issue. Playing with randoms is going to get me nowhere. So, if anyone wants to join me in this, you must have a mann up ticket. Post your name, steam community link, and class played in the bottom, and I'll add you to the list. Slots left: 1.

theaeon (me) - Soldier

Lethosos [DVS] - Engineer/Heavy/Demo

The-Fire-Guy (Kocken926) - Scout/Pyro/Demo

Steroy - Demo

Valkon - Soldier/Engineer/Demoman/Medic/Scout/Heavy

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I've been looking to do the Mecha Engine tour. Why not. Steam name is Valkon [since there are multiple Valkons, note that my profile picture is of a man punching through a monitor]. My main classes are Soldier, Engineer, Demoman, and Medic, secondary being Scout and Heavy.

Basically any class other than Sniper, Spy, and Pyro works for me.

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