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Can u install tekkit on a server

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Technic is for single player only, tekkit is for multiplayer. I know how to set up a server that's run locally, like on my computer or another, but I don't know how to if its a hosted site. All you need is the server files from here, go to the main site here, choose tekkit and get the server files. Then change what you need, like for me and my friends I make the game harder and change ram and stuff. Are you hosting it on a server, or running it yourself? If you are having it hosted, you should ask them how you would set it up, that's what you pay them for after all.

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Can u install tekkit on my server for me?

let me translate what you just said into realTalk:

"can someone please steal my paid for and hosted minecraft server?"

that's what you just said. does that sound like what you wanted to say? I doubt it.

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