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Building a Quarry underground. Having issues.

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When I set the Land Marks around a perfect (level) square, 60 tiles apart from one another, the right clicking action works perfectly - all 4 Land Marks activate and a red line connects them all. The problem is when I connect a quarry to the activated adjacent Land Mark. The black/yellow building outline quickly displays for what seems like a single tick, then disappears - the land marks pop out of the ground and the black/yellow bars are completely gone as if nothing was placed on the ground.

I have a video of this:


Thoughts? I set [buildCraft] as an OP but that did not work. It worked on the surface perfectly, I was able to create a 64x64 quarry that made it all the way down to bedrock.

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Sometimes when I build quarries, it happens that the frame doesn't show up when I put a quarry next to a landmark, or even, the default frame pops up, even though all the landmarks did pop out when I placed the quarry down, if I power the quarry, it still builds it to the dimensions I set, I normally just disconnect/reconnect and all is fine. Could simply be a glitch.

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