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Recycler is producing cobblestone.

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Alternatively, use one of the RP2 machines (A manager, I think?) to pump out 62 scrap out of the recycler once the amount of scrap reaches 63. Why 63? To prevent the recycler from stopping for a bit once a full stack is reached.

This way, you won't have to worry about silly stuff like carefully managing the input.

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Manager, yes.

I personally have Filters and hoppers feeding into the top, and then a Router below my Mass Fab pulling the scrap out from the other side of the room and ejecting it right up into the Mass Fab. Only have to monitor the UUM, but that takes a while to accumulate.

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I'd love to hear more about managers and routers. I threw out the transposer and put in a filter with a timer. I'm not sure how to slow inputs, so I also put in a cobblestone pipe instead of a gold transport pipe and it seems to work now. Though if I can make the process more streamlined that'd be a great help.

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