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Quarry powered direct - Breaks while away


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I was trying to figure out how to word the title so it would say whats happening...

Anyways, on to my question.

I am running the latest tekkit lite and have my quarry powered via 32 Water Mills (unattended mode) and 16 Wind Mill's (the small ones).

The power setup looks like this

Water Mills -> Tin Wire -> Batbox >- Insulated Copper Wire -> IC2 LV Consumer -> Energy Bridge -> BC Producer -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Golden Conductive Pipe -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Quarry.

It works well and allows me to finally not have to continually stock the furnaces while I work on getting a more permanent solution in place.

I have tried the phased power but since I'm running LV, the Phased Conductive Pipe seems to be a constant draw on my system regardless if I have any Build Craft devices (quarry) attached or not.

My solution was to go local and hard-wire it all in place, but there is an issue developing which I cannot figure out.

If I go on a trip, say ~600 meters from my quarry, when I come back, one of the Golden Conductive Pipe's has disappeared. Just one. It kills the Quarry (as in it stops functioning) because its no longer getting any power.

I have a phased transport pipe setup working as I have a sorting thing going on, so the power shouldn't be unloading from memory or anything like that. If I am close by, the system runs completely fine for ... well, its not broken down while I've been in the area.

So, any ideas as to why the Golden Conductive Pipe blows when I leave the area?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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The challenge is that BC pipes will draw power if any is available regardless of whether there is a load attached. You want to switch to Redstone Conduits and your exploding pipe problems will be solved. (also, one does not need that second wooden pipe in any event. Just the one wooden to extract from the source)

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You should just do away with all the BC piping completely, just have the energy bridge set up adjacent to the quarry and transport all the power in IC's EUs. You will find that BC seems to break more often than any of the other major mods, so when in doubt, use IC power and only convert the BC when required.

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