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Cannot create forestry farms


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Hello fellow players!

I am having a problem creating any sort of arboretum, I can look it up in NEI but when i strike the "R" key it doesn't tell me the recipe, furthermore if I put the recipe into a crafting table I am still unable to craft them how can I fix this?fg3r9YA.png?1

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if you go into the server folder, in the configs folder, Forestry> common.cfg i believe you can turn on (set true) the ability to craft old machines. I did this to my server last night and it (a logger) is working as i type. Hope this helps as i ran into the same problem.

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Yeah, the multifarms are much better, except that you don't get a 1-block farm, in a lot of points:

Multiple small farms in one: You don't need to waste that much space for just a netherwart farm, do you?

Interchangeable: You have crafted a watermelon farm, but now want to use a treefarm. Well, you will have to craft a new one for that.

Variable size: You may choose your own pattern and size to fit your taste. No more wasting space on huge square farms. You can also shape it to make a aesthetically pleasing garden.

Less infrastructure required: You can now have very simple setups, unlike the huge pipe cthulhu's you used to make with the small 1-block farms. Power and handle four different farms with one powersource, one watersource, one input and one output pipe!

So yeah, it's better to get used to these. Plus, can the old farms harvest apples from trees without having to chop them down? Nah.

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Ye, I have the same problem cant build any forestry farm blocks.. I've looked up the recipe but when I copy it nothing comes out. tried to change the config in C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\.technic\bigdig\config\forestry, but no luck. If it works for u what version of Big Dig are u using? The forestry version I'm using is

But if its going to go away in the 1.5.1 version I just have to farm old school style a while.

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