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[1.4.7 Industrial War Pack] Industrial War! [PvP/PvE][80 Slot][Open][Team Warfare][Guns/Armor/Drugs]

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✘No whitelist!

✘Mature players only! (seriously, if you act like a 10 year old you will be banned)

✘60 slot, PVP enabled, custom modded server with many mods made just for us.

✘Objective based war system; capture points, gain invasion powers.

✘Post-scarcity economy focused on UU production through massively buffed generators, reactors and huge mining zones!

✘PVP arena with free armor/weapons/ammo/drugs. Test your skills vs. other players!

✘Fight mobs at the quantum dam for great loot and take their skulls as trophies!

✘Custom mod collection featuring IC/RedPower/Guns, planes, vehicles, drugs, gregtech and others.

✘Ranks and promotions based on merit, not donations or up voting...

✘Bukkit for WorldGuard, Essentials, block-logging, Towny, and Tree Assist.

✘24/7, auto-saves, auto backup and auto restart every 6 hours.

✘Industrial War is a sci-fi PVP server. Griefing/stealing/killing is not restricted but members of the same nation may not grief/steal from/kill/betray each other. Players are recruited by two opposing nations who must fight for the control of crucial points around the world. Each nation has its own capitol, a 300x300 zone protected by suppression fields designed to keep their enemies at bay. The nations are able to capture territory in the world by occupying it and by doing so accumulate power for their side. The power generated this way can be used to bring down their enemies capitol's suppression fields, rendering them susceptible to assault.

✘Players are encouraged to join a team and contribute to the war effort to the best of their ability. Whether you are a warrior, miner, builder, engineer or farmer is up to you; but no matter what you do it will have meaning. Build huge ammo factories, fields of food and drugs, armories with the best weapons and armor or hidden bunkers to launch missiles at your enemies. A promotion system ensures that skilled, mature and trustworthy players gradually play a bigger role in their teams affairs. Remain at the lowest ranks for maximum freedom and minimum responsibility. Work hard and exhibit outstanding qualities and you will be granted access to your nations capitol; the epicenter of economic activity and a safe haven for builders. A 6000x6000 map with tons of hidden vaults, drug fields and other interesting locations ensure that exploration and colonization of new lands is rewarded. Free arenas, armies of tough mobs and a server store keep things interesting in between building and fighting for control of territory.

✘For a full listing of server rules, features, mods and changelogs check out the website at: http://industrialwar.weebly.com/index.html

✘Server Info:


✘Location: N.America



✘Do not harass the admins. If you don't like it you are free to leave. Keep your suggestions to yourself.

✘Server is for mature players ONLY!

✘Listen to and respect the commanders/commandants, they are moderators.

✘DO NOT steal from, grief or betray your own team! We use logblock!

✘Verbal abuse, ad hominem attacks, discrimination, hackusations & advertising will not be tolerated.

✘Using cheats, hacks or exploits are an instant, no questions asked ban. Only player radars are allowed. If you are even suspected of using other exploits you will be banned immediately. Using things in a manner they were not intended to be used = exploit.

✘Combat logging, defined as leaving the game after you have taken or inflicted damage in combat to avoid the consequences, is banned.

✘Commanders: You are not to use frames or iridium restone offensively, if you don't understand what this means ask before you do anything with those outside your capitols.




1. Go to Start.

2.Go to run {or} search.

3. Copy and paste this: %appdata% (and search for it).

4.Click the "Roaming" folder.

5. Find the .technic folder, right click it and delete it.

**If you do not have technic installed or followed the instructions on how to remove it**

..Download the technic launcher here http://www.technicpack.net/download..

..Click "yes" when asked to change the install directory..


..Change it from .technic...


..to IW..


..and click open..

..when it asks you this..


..Hit "OK"..

..It will then ask you this..


..Hit "No" to proceed..

..It will then bring up the launcher screen..


1. Click "Add New Pack!"

3. Click "Add Modpack"

4.Enter your login info and connect to Industrial War! at

If you have any problems e-mail [email protected] for assistance!



✘A war system that strikes a balance between oh-exploitable anarchy and never-fighting factions. While you do have safety in protected zones, you will inevitably have to engage in conflict over quantum dams or mines to make any meaningful gains or keep your teams territory safe from looting and destruction. After having personally played on both anarchy and factions servers I was disgusted with the cheaters on the former and the total lack of engagements on the latter. Also, suffocating in a sand pile has nothing, nothing to do with losing wars at all, and never should have.

THIS IS NOT A CALL OF DUTY SERVER! Yes, we are PVP, but that doesn't mean you won't have to build anything, or will just be given items..this is still modded minecraft..if you don't understand how the mods work or aren't willing to put time into learning, building or automation you will probably lose and quit. Furthermore, builders are more important here than on most servers; people need factories to make tedious crafting jobs simple! Sell your merchandise or give it to your team mates, either way you are a valuable part of a larger effort. Build whatever you wish and enjoy finding creative ways to defend it.

✘A strong emphasis on sci-fi and modern warfare, down to what mods we use and what vanilla features we implement.

✘A payment system that lets high ranking team members withdraw money from team banks and use it to reward their comrades! This system enables players to buy high-tier equipment by taking risks at the dam. Fighting for your team pays off.

✘An arena that both teams can use for unlimited, free practice fights. Remove all your equipment and teleport there, get free armor, weapons, ammo and drugs and develop or hone your fighting skills! /suicide when your ready to leave.


✘Hordes of tough, fast mobs that inhabit certain locations on the world. They are based around the quantum dam but occasionally move outward in packs to find fresh meat. They are faster, stronger and more resilient then vanilla mobs. Without at least combat armor and a decent gun you will not be able to fight them. Fortunatly, they do not go near capitols or fortresses so there is more than enough safe space away from them. In addition to dropping lots of good loot they also have a chance to drop skulls. You can cash the skulls in and use the proceeds to buy high-tier armor, weapons, ammo and drugs at the spawn store.

♦Mob dungeons containing some challenges and puzzles which reward you at the end with a horde of zombies and power armor components!

Mob Fort = x: 850, z: 250

Mob Fort = x: -850, z: 250


♦You can fight the mobs, capture points for your team, and collect skulls to trade for rewards at the quantum dam.

Quantum Dam = x: 180, z: 180


✘A shop where you can exchange skulls for points and spend the points to buy high-tier equipment. Choose from several different suits of armor and more than a dozen weapons and ammo types as well as a couple drugs that bestow combat buffs. The shop is located in the metallic white building right by spawn.

Location = x: 30, z: 30


✘Several important plugins, mostly for managing teams and the capture for points system, but also for setting team spawns, running chat channels, and in the case of timber, chopping down trees in one swing.

♦Essentials for admin use, limited player use (no teleporting..), and setting group spawns. Check out the commands to learn what is available!

♦TreeFeller for, uh, felling trees. Note: DO NOT use a chainsaw on trees! Use stone axes!

♦PEX for managing team ranks.

♦Worldedit for running worldguard, and worldguard for establishing the 6000x6000 map boundary and team capitol zones.

♦Towny to run our team and war system. Note that although we have towny, for all intents and purposes its only here for our war system. This is not a towny server, it is a team server.

♦Towny chat for team, officer, and command class channels, as well as private messeging.

♦Monster Apocalypse for custom mobs and custom mob drops.

✘While you may not personally enter enemy capitols outside of war, it is perfectly acceptable to launch missiles into it. Stand on the border and blow up whatever you can hit, and snipe anyone who comes to fix it. It's fun!

✘A team system that encourages interaction between players of various backgrounds, timezones and langauges. Players shouldnt be limited to shacking up with or trusting only the people they know. IW takes steps to protect team zones from inter-team griefing and uses block log. The rank system, discussed below, also is designed so that as a person proves they are trustworthy they are granted further benefits. A good way to prove your trustworthy is to be mature, respectful, be a team-player and contribute to the team economically or militarily.


✘A war system which relies on scheduling. Though players do have to earn points by capturing territory at strategic locations to earn the ability to invade (or block invasions), there is still a 24 hour waiting period after war is declared. This system enables both attackers and defenders to get their teams (usually scattered across continents and timezones) organized and prepared, and makes it so you dont just log on one day and discover a crater where your base was, not knowing how or why it even got there.

✘Protected zones so that you dont have to stand guard at your teams base 24/7. The vast majority of the world is not protected, only the small portions that constitute team capitols. Some people may not mind spending weeks mining then losing everything to someone who logs on at 3 AM and uses transparent textures to find your base, easily navigate around your defenses, and destroy everything in a fraction of the time it took you to make it. I on the other hand have always despised that aspect of PVP in minecraft and feel that it makes the experience exacerbating, discouraging and pointless. In the real world there are consequences for attacking a nation. You can't just wait for the US army to log off. No, MC is not real, but considering all the work people put into things they should at least have the opportunity to defend their belongings.

♦Two 300x300, bedrock to sky capitols (one for each team) that are protected from the enemy team by worldguard until a war event is initiated by the enemy team.

♦Two bedrock vaults which only the highest ranks can access. These are to protect your teams most valuable assets in the event of an invasion. They may be the only thing between you and the stone age.

♦Commander abilities such as placing forcefields or iridium restone bunkers for players that desire additional protections.

♦Two forts with safe apartments for guerillas and militia. This offers those ranks a safe place to set up a little workshop or stash for themselves without fear of constant raids.

Location = x: -1000, z: 0 (militia fort)

Location = x: 1000, z: 0 (guerilla fort)


✘Highly strategic gameplay emphasizing team work and coordination.

♦A scenario: your team is planning to invade the enemies capitol. To do so you have to build up points by capturing land. However, the enemy team can block your attempts to penetrate their sanctuary using their points to block. You work hard and get 400 points, enough to not only declare war, but keep the war preserved if the enemy spends their teams 200 blocking it. You make a decleration on the website and the 24 hour timer starts. 12 hours into it, the enemy team checks the forums and attempts to block the war with their points. Having 200 more points, your team spends them to rebuke your enemies block. The enemy is now forced into a corner. Either they get on and start blitzing land to get 200 more points or they face imminent invasion. They attempt to do just that, mobilizing their best pvpers and sending them to the quantum dam. All it would take is a couple hours with several people and the invasion will be ruined. Your team springs into action and heads for the dams. There is fierce fighting as each team vies for whatever points they can grab. Your team sets up turrets and an outpost to keep watch over one quantum dam, but the other team strikes at it using unconventional warfare, sniping and running, and dropping incendiary bombs to burn you out of your bunkers and force you into the open. In the end victory can only be had by the team with the best fighters, the best supplies, and the best coordination. Your team ends up keeping the enemy from securing more than 200 points, which means that they will no longer be able to block the invasion. With only 2 hours until their capitols protections are disabled, they have little choice but to retreat and prepare their homelands defenses. The war for territory is over, but the war to annihilate the enemies homes and factories has just begun. You have no idea what kind of defenses and machines they have prepared in their own capitol and you could be walking into a slaughter so your team moves its missile corps into position. Bombardment begins with wave after wave of condensed explosive missiles, tearing apart the weaker defenses and revealing sprawling networks of caves. Ten minutes until war, further bombardment consists of gas and viral weaponry, seeping into their armor and forcing them to quickly manufacture antidotes. You set up a teleporter to facilitate the movement of troops in a discrete outpost outside the enemies capitol. You ready your M240, charge your armor, stock up on ammo and stimpacks, and shoot up a little psycho just for an extra edge. Your commander instructs you to loot what you can and blow up the rest; its total war and scorched earth in your wake. It's time to get some scalps!


✘4 ranks that players earn based off how trustworthy they are and how much they contribute to their team. Due to griefing potential, conscripts and recruits are restricted from using/placing or even carrying many items. This includes: IC2 lasers, IC2 dynamite, IC2 wrenchs, terraformers, forcefields, industrial teslas, explosives/explosive missiles/grenades, mines, frames, deployers, blockbreakers, dispensers and pistons. The highest ranks have access to everything that is not banned due to OPness or duping potential. In addition, only commanders and commandants can place or break iridium restone. This mechanic combined with defence's code doors allows them to set up safe rooms for lower ranks. Iridium restone powers also justify the removal of frame and piston related mechanics. Please note that canvas bags, ICBM railguns and cropanalyzers are banned for everyone. If you need the item in a recipe then there will be alternative recipes not requiring the banned item, check NEI.


♦Conscript (red) or Recruit (blue)

♦Komot (red) or Officer (blue): command rank, players have to be good at working with team mates to get this.

♦Technician (red) or Specialist (blue): privelaged infantry, access o items conscripts and recruits don't have minus vault access.

♦Commandant (red) or Commander (blue): high command, in charge of coordinating team affairs, enforcing server/team rules and managing the teams vault. Also in charge of recruiting and promoting.

✘1 rank that has virtually no restrictions minus duping gear and frame/piston gear but also cannot access a protected zone. This is a trade off: you exchange security for freedom. If you really don't like being restricted take this rank and take your chances living in the wilds.


♦Guerilla (red) or Militia (blue)

✘A basic, starter rank: civilian. This rank is initially granted to everyone, and has the same privileges as guerillas and militia, minus any team affiliation. Civilians have no protected territory and would have to use force fields to establish it. They cannot participate in wars or use command class blocks like frames, iridium restone and industrial teslas. Civilians have no chat channels minus general and are also not alerted when teams enter mines. The purpose of this rank is not to actually play, but as a sort of limbo before being recruited by a team. Most players are civilian for less then 10 minutes if the server is active. If your eager to get on a team, check out the IW forums under the team recruiting sections, or message a commander in game!

✘An economy that is buffed to encourage warfare. Unlike some servers where you will have to mine for days or even weeks before you make real progress a person who understands the mods can get enough resources to compete in a fair amount of time. Also, considering the buffs, there shouldnt be as much rage quitting or feelings of loss when you are inevitably defeated. You can pick back up and get going again with a fraction of the effort. Note that effort is still required.

♦Reactors were raised from 5 to 100, a tremendous buff which is probabaly appropriate given that they are NUCLEAR REACTORS. Note that you will need much more infrastructure to handle the extra voltage.

♦Reactors have also had explosions turned to 0. Considering that reactors melt down, they dont blow up, this is appropriate.

♦Generators raised to 128 eu/t from their measly ten. Working for coal or charcoal should pay off. You will need a transformer for this!

♦Gtech hard-mode for all greentech, minus windmills. If you can build a windtower that can actually be consistently protected from enemy attack, you deserve it.

♦Removal of nerfs imposed by certain mods that slow down the pace of PvP.


✘Though we do have buffs at IW, I see little difference between buffing what we have and having 10000 mods to make everything easy. Consider: running most packs you will have magic tesserects, 64x64 quarries that run with free lava from the nether and teleport the proceeds directly to your ender chests, bees that shit metal dust and piss diesel fuel, mob farms that churn out an unlimited amount of scrap, suits of armor that are basically like being in creative mode, tiny cheap robots that can easily be programmed to do everything for you, etc. I like to keep things simple. I would rather buff what we have, or add a simple plugin (like timber making forestry largely useless) to make things easier. In my mind the outcome is the same, but the approach is less disorganized and much, much less like being trapped inside the mind a lunatic on LSD. Aside, most of these mods have redundant functions anyway.

✘No nether or end. Both dimensions are arguably silly and make no sense. Again, disabling these are a part of Industrial Wars hatred of most things mojang and an attempt to make the game less like playing legos with an "imaginative" child. Aside from the nether and the end, the following vanilla features are disabled:

♦Animals spawning. Animals are basically roaming infinite food sources and have a negligible role in a UU economy.

♦Most mob junk cannot be obtained. For all recipes but ender chests and beacons there are alternatives.


✘UU has been nerfed so that several things it traditionally is used to make can only be mined. This includes coal, iridium, platinum and tungsten. You can find these materials at the servers mines or in some cases mobs will drop them as loot.

✘Mines which contain large quantities of coal and uranium in addition to some materials you could only get from the nether or the end, including platinum, iridium and tungsten. The mines recharge over time. There is a catch: the mines are completely surrounded in bedrock and there is no way out but for a small entrance. Additionally, entering the mines sends out a server wide alert to all members of both teams. They will know exactly which mine you entered and when you entered it. This is where most of the servers skrimishes take place, as people are trying to deny their enemies access to the most vital resources necessary for an UU based economy.

♦The coal mine contains coal, sulfur, netherrack and soulsand, as well as a large amount of obsidian to make mining more difficult. It is named Tolgoi after the worlds largest untapped deposit of coal in Mongolia.

Location = x: 1000, z: 1000

♦The uranium mine which contains uranium, endstone, iridium ore, platinum ore, tungsten ore and glowstone, as well as obsidian. It is named after the Athabasca basin, a large chunk of land in Canada loaded with uranium.

Location = x: -1000, z: -1000


✘A refined, balanced, custom made gun pack. Different weapons have their own strengths and weaknesses. The best weapons are also extremely expensive. The cheapest ones could be affordably stamped out en masse and given to even the lousiest soldiers without worry. Unlike some servers that use off-the-shelf gun packs and hope they work, we have spent a great deal of time balancing things with the high-tech mod armors in mind. Quantum is no longer invulnerable given that there are several high-tier weapons that can quickly reduce it to molten iridium. The weapons, vehicles and planes are also selected for their futuristic appeal as the idea of mass fabricators alongside WW2 tanks and Garand rifles is ridiculous. The admin also is fond of adding new guns and ammo types to round out the experience. Any progress in this regard can be observed in the change-log.

✘A mod designed by one of our players that adds slew of fun (and very mature) content to the game: the Industrial Drugs mod. Grow drugs, refine them and use them for buffs that are similar to the ones you get from vanilla potions. Note that vanilla potions are not available, likewise with any other silly vanilla minecraft features that are too juvenile to take seriously.

✘A mod designed by one of our players that adds two new armors: combat and power. These armors serve as options other then quantum in a game that otherwise is all about it. Combat armor is about as strong as quantum but much cheaper to make. It also bestows no special abilities or protections, watch out for lava! Power armor is twice as strong as quantum, has immunity to fire, fall and drowning damage but otherwise has no abilities. It is quite expensive to make, but takes very, very little iridium. Both armors are repaired with repair kits and do not need charged.

✘No clusterfuck mod packs. The mods that we run are of the highest quality, the most stable, and of one theme. Magic and technology may mix in some genres, but we are sci-fi and proud of it. Do not ask for mods to be added as any requests will be promptly denied, especially buildcraft and forestry. Aside from not having clusterfuck packs we also disabled some things from various mods due to their sheer ridiculousness.

♦Many ICBM explosives. Anvil (just makes no sense at all), sonic, gravity, exo, endo, ender, thermobaric (not at all like the mod portrays it), rejuvination, nuclear, red matter and antimatter. Anti-matter and red matter are so destructive that if you want to use them, I will simplify matters and just delete the world.

♦Cheap forcefields. Due to buffs and the OP nature of a well fed field, fields cost 30 times as much energy to create. This number could even go higher in the future.

♦Gtech lightning rods, because they were a joke concept to begin with.

♦Fusion reactors. They ruin our economy by pumping out infinite UU with no uranium or coal inputs at all.

♦Magic energy siphons. Whatever they do, they are disabled.

♦Tesla staff. It's actually a really cool idea but it was never implemented correctly and is regarded as a "joke" item in gregtech. I don't find people wasting their time crafting it to be very funny so I just removed it to spare players the frustration.




/help - A listing of commands and their descriptions.

/mail - An in game mail program. Useful for sending messages to offline players.

/mail send - The mail systems command for sending mail.

/suicide - For when you get stuck behind enemy lines and need to an hero.

/ignore - An ignore command to use if you feel bothered by a players speech.

/balancetop - A command to check the top balances of the servers players.

/balance - A command to check your own accounts balance.

/seen - A command that lets you know the last day/time a given player was online.

/msg - Send a private message to a player.

/motd - List the servers message of the day.

/rules - A listing of server rules and contact info.

/reply, /r - A quick way to respond to a private message.

/pay - Give someone money from your team points balance.


/town - Information about the town you belong to, if any. Your towns bank balance is effectively the amount of points your team has earned from capping land.

/l - Chat which only people near you can read.

/msg - Send a private messege to a player.

/t - Chat only people in your town can read.

/n - Chat only people in your nation can read.

/town here - Shows you the town screen of the town in which you stand.

/town list - Lists towns.

/towny map - Shows town maps.

/towny universe - Shows full towny stats, resident/town/nation/world counts as well as townblocks claimed.

/nation online - Shows players in your nation which are online.

✘Tree assist

/treeassist toggle - Toggle on/off the ability to fell trees in one swing

✘Officer & Command Class Commands


/pex user [username] group set [Recruit or Officer for blue, Conscript or Komot for red].

/town add [player]- Add a player to your teams town.

/town set board - Set an announcement which anyone in your town can read by using /town.

/ban - Ban a player followed by a reason and a report to Mensrea regarding why they were banned.

/town withdraw - Withdraw points from your teams account to spend at the team shop.

/tempban - Ban a player for a limited amount of time, likely for combat logging or minor offenses. Still, report the incident to the admins.

/chmute - Mute a player who is causing a disturbance and keep them from talking in a channel.

/m - A chat channel for admins and high-ranking officials of either team.

/lb tool - Bring up the block log tool to check for griefers breaking/stealing things. This is for both commanders/commandant, officers/komots and specialists/technicians.



✘Forge 6.6.0 Minecraft 1.4.7 - http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/inde…pic,4804.0.html

✘IW pack 1.7.5 (contains Modern Assault, Vehicles, Gregtech and config settings) THIS IS NECESSARY TO PLAY http://dl.dropbox.com/u/56152025/IW%20pack.zip

✘Crafterofmines57's Industrial drugs {Currently packaged with IW pack located above}

✘Crafterofmines57's Modern Armor {Currently packaged with IW pack located above}

✘Crafterofmines57's Defense Blocks {Currently packaged with IW pack located above}

✘IC2 Team Industrial Craft 2 1.4.7 v1.115 - [MC 1.4.7] Open Beta v1.115

✘Immibis advanced repulsion systems, Immibis core 1.112, Immibis Dimensional Anchors 51.0.5 and Immibis tables 51.0.5 http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1001131-15-immibiss-mods-smp-tubestuff-5400-core-5402-da-5400-infinitubes-5401-liquid-xp-5401-microblocks-5408/

✘Eloraam's Redpower, all modules 1.4.6 V2.0pr6 - http://www.eloraam.com/download-redpower/

✘Flans mod minecraft 1.4.7 version 2.11 http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1829…r-tdm-conquest/

✘Calclavia's basic Components v1.2.6.339 http://universalelectricity.com/?p=downloads

✘Calclavia's ICBM 1.4.7 v1.0.5.166 Explosion, Contraption and Sentry http://universalelectricity.com/?m=icbm&…loads#downloads

✘Gregtech 2.90h for Industrial Craft 1.115 1.4.7 {Currently packaged with IW pack located above}

✘CPW Compact Solars 1.4.7 1.115 - http://files.minecraftforge.net/CompactSolars/

✘Shedar Nuclear Control 1.4.6 [Addon v1.112] [sSP/SMP] Nuclear Control v.1.4.5

✘Chickenbones 1.4.7 core and NEI and WRCBE - core, redpower and addons http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/9092…ckenbones-mods/

✘CubeX2's customStuff2_0.9.8d_Universal http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/506109-147-cubex2s-mods-multi-page-chest-updated/



✘To run its war system Industrial War uses towny. Each side is defined as a nation with one town block. Those town blocks are located in the team capitols. When players are recruited to a side they are also placed in that team nation. The one town block that each team owns (Proteus for red and Amazonia for blue) can not be captured or taken off them. It is out of bounds and theirs forever and excluded from wars. In the world there exists another nation: New Detroit. This is not a faction anyone can join so don't ask! The faction controls the quantum dam located at x: 180 z: 180. During war time (99% of server uptime; check with /towny war) players from any or both factions can occupy the town blocks of these locations to gain control of them. To occupy you merely have to stand in the block. Each block is 16x16x128 but no one under 60 Z is considered to be occupying it. There are about 300 blocks at the dam. The town blocks have 10 health and it takes 5 seconds for one player to knock one health off (it stacks with more players) so it less than 1 minute to capture a town block at a minimum. Instead of capturing each small plot you can also opt for capturing the homeblock. It is situated right under the giant sphere and has over 2000 life. While it would take a dedicated effort to capture it doing so will reward you the entire locations points, over 1000 to be specific, in addition to the current war chest. Capturing the entire location would also end the war event until server restart. You will know when you are capturing terrain because the plugin will read off the plots health as it goes down to 0. When a town block is captured $3 will be awarded to your teams bank account. This money is a representation of your teams score. It is by capturing land and building up the teams bank that your team can unlock special abilities and events (listed below). Note that all townblocks will revert back to New Detroits control with each restart and the teams can go and capture them all over again for more points.

Please keep in mind that in addition to players you will also have to contend with a horde of very powerful mobs that persistently inhabit the dam. They will hamper your efforts to capture points and attack all player indiscriminantly.

✘So far here is what your team can do with its points:

✘200 points: Bring down the enemy teams suppression field for one hour. Note that if your team desires this they must make a decleration 24 hours in advance between the times of 12 PM EST and 12 AM EST on the IW forums. 24 hours after the decleration is made the enemy nations capitols suppression field will go down for one hour. After the hour elapses it will go back up and anyone caught inside of it will be stuck.

♦Example: deantheftxbrx, a red commander, uses 200 of his teams points to bring down blues capitols suppression field. He makes a decleration on the IW forums at 3:30 PM EST and e-mails his intent to [email protected]. The next day starting at 3:30 PM EST the suppression field protecting blues go down for one hour and red gets the oppoprtunity to attack and loot blue in their homeland.

✘200 points: Block another teams attempt to bring down a suppression field.

♦Example: deantheftxbrx, a red commander, uses 200 of his teams points to bring down blues suppression field. He makes a decleration on the IW forums at 3:30 PM EST. The next day at 3:00 PM EST ndelmnco, a blue commander, goes on the IW forums and explains that he will use 200 of his teams points to block red from bringing down the suppression field. Both teams lose 200 points and the event is thwarted. A team has until 30 minutes from the time the suppression field is scheduled to be knocked down to prevent its fall. After that it cannot be stopped.

✘200 + X points: Prevent the enemy team from blocking the takedown of their capitols suppression field by spending 200 more points. This can be repeated as many times as a team wishes but only in increments of 200. While at least 200 must be spent in this way, anything spent over 200 will be refunded if the enemy team does not use blocks.

♦Example: deantheftxbrx, a red commander, uses 600 of his teams points to bring down blues suppression field and keep blue from blocking the attack up to 2 times. This way, blue will need at least 600 points to block the three consecutive attempts to take down their capitols suppression field. He makes a decleration on the IW forums at 3:30 PM EST. The next day ndelmnco, a blue commander, realizes that he will not be able to get the full 600 points required to stop the invasion by 3:00 PM EST. He decides to use the 400 points that his team has earned to waste 400 of red teams points and blocks anyway. The invasion proceeds as planned but red team is not refunded their 400 point investment as they would have been had blue not blocked at all.

✘100 points: Purchase a protected chunk in the world for either your team or a specific rank or ranks on your team. Offer is limited to 10 per team and may not be within 500 blocks of a mine or quantum dam.

✘X points: Visit the shop by spawn and buy yourself some good armor, weapons, ammo and drugs. If your a commander or commandant withdraw points for your teams account with /t withdraw. You can even pay your comrades as a reward for helping you with these points by using /pay. I highly recomend that commanders pay team members at least 2 points for every point they cap.



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✘Thanks to crafterofmines57, we proudly present the industrial drug mod! Unlike some servers, which happily substitute nonsensical vanilla stuff for drugs, crafter actually coded us a custom mod that takes the player from the planting, harvesting, processing to finally using a multitude of different drugs. Based largely on their real life counterparts, and with much inspiration from the fallout series of games, the drugs are like vanilla potions on steroids.


✘Drug related plants, including cellulux, must have direct access to the sun. This means that any artificial light will not help these plants grow at all. Surface farms are a necessity.

✘The plants can either be broken or gradually harvested for a variety of drug related products depicted in the images below. The products of breaking or harvesting the plants must then be placed in Gregtech centrifuges along with tin cells to yield canisters of processed drugs.

✘Coca bushes and poppy flowers can be gradually harvested. Simply right click on the mature plant with a bladed weapon and you will receive coca leaves or raw opium.

✘All other plants must be broken to receive their products.

✘Cellulux can be compressed into durafiber, a necessary part of combat armor, which is explained in detail in the post below.

✘If any of these drugs are combined and taken more than once in a short period of time, there is a chance the user will overdose. The effects of overdosing range from poisoning, nausea to death. There is also a small chance that you could OD on using psycho alone, even once. Be careful mixing uppers and downers especially. Beware the dreaded speed-ball!



♦Growth Conditions: Any biome.

♦Propagation method: Seed; dropped as a result of breaking plant.

♦Yields: Marijuana buds.


✘Poppy Plant:

♦Growth Conditions: Plains, mountains and extreme mountains.

♦Propagation method: Seed; dropped as a result of breaking plant.

♦Yields: Raw opium if right clicked with bladed instrument. Poppy pods if broken.


✘Broc Flowers:

♦Growth Conditions: Any biome except winter.

♦Propagation method: Seed; dropped as a result of breaking plant.

♦Yields: Broc Flowers when broken.


✘Xander Root:

♦Growth Conditions: Any biome except winter.

♦Propagation method: Cutting; place the xander root in your crafting grid to separate it into 4 cuttings which can then be planted like seeds.

♦Yields: Xander Roots when broken.


✘Coca Bush:

♦Growth Conditions: Jungle biomes only.

♦Propagation method: Seed; dropped as a result of breaking plant.

♦Yields: Coca leaves whether harvested with a bladed instrument or broken, although it is more efficient to harvest than break it.



♦Growth Conditions: Any biome except winter. NOTE: This plant is similar to the native reed and thus requires nearby water when growing.

♦Propagation method: Fiber; dropped by breaking plant.

♦Yields: Fibers. Can be compressed into super strong durafiber or replanted.


✘Castor Beans:

♦Growth Conditions: Any biome except winter.

♦Propagation method: Bean; dropped by breaking plant.

♦Yields: Castor beans. 9 must be combined in a crafting bench to receive 1 ICBM toxin.



✘Stimpack: A potent chemical designed to quickly accelerate healing and satisfy the bodies nutritional needs. Not only does the stimpack instantly restore all of your health, but it fills you up too! Stimpacks hunger restoration effects double the size of your hunger bar and fill it all the way up.

✘Cateye: A drug designed to dilate pupils and so allow the eye to see in low-light conditions. Cateye grants nightvision for twenty minutes. It is a capsule and requires on cell of THC oil, one pile of sugar and one piece of paper to craft.


✘Voodoo: A tribal concoction made of various plants and extracts. Grants resistance II, fire resistance IV and water breathing IV for ten minutes.


✘Afterburner: A methamphetamine chewing gum! Delicious, and toxic! While it grants speed IV and haste IV for 1 minute, it also poisons you.


✘Hydra: A chemical designed to give the user insanely fast regenerative properties. Regrow limbs, organs, even brain matter! This drug offers regeneration IV for 30 minutes.


✘Buffout: A bad drug for bad dudes who want to put on muscle. Helps the average grunt turn a diamond bayonet into a quantum killing sawblade. Poisons you for ten seconds but grants resistance II and strength IV for 30 minutes afterward.


✘Morphine: Morphine helps to sooth the pain of dying, or nearly dying when you get clipped in the head by a high explosive bullet. Fight longer then any living creature should with a shot of this. Grants resistance IV for 10 minutes.


✘Psycho: Psycho-stimulants. Jump ten feet in the air, rip peoples limbs off, and run down anyone who tries to get away. If that sounds like a fun time whip up some of this. It stacks with quantum armors jump and speed boost to turn you into a hyper-violent cyborg monster. Have fun! Grants speed IV for 5 minutes, strength IV for 5 minutes and jumpboost IV for 5 minutes. CAUTION: Psycho is one of the few drugs that has a chance to outright overdose you on your first shot. Beware!


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Power Armor:


✘Power armor has the following abilities:

♦Water breathing

♦Fire immunity

♦Fall damage immunity

♦Poison damage immunity

♦Wither immunity

✘Power Armor can absorb 6000 damage overall before breaking. When the armor breaks the wearer can then be killed. The 6000 is distributed among the 4 armor pieces so each piece has about 1500 armor absorption. For reference, quantum absorbs 2800 damage before failing. The legs grant fall immunity and the helmet grants poison immunity and water breathing. Fire damage immunity and wither immunity are granted by the chest piece. The armor is made of motorized exoskeleton parts, diamond steel plates and fusion batteries. For recipes check NEI. While the armor does not need to be charged, it can only be repaired through the use of repair kits composed of a couple spare parts.

Combat Armor:


✘Combat armor has no abilities but immense amounts of health compared to its cost. It can absorb 2400 points worth of damage collectively, with each piece absorbing 500, before it breaks and the wearer becomes vulnerable. For reference, HEIAP deals 400 damage, cannons 1000, AP 7.62 50 damage a shot, Mixed Metal 5.56 30 damage a shot. The primary component is durafiber, the product of compressing cellulux fibers. Cellulux is a green, reed like plant added by industrial drugs. Like power armor, combat armor requires no electrical charge and instead must be repaired through the use of repair kits.


♦It is always much cheaper to repair armor than let it break. Repair kits can be used quickly for field repairs. Simply place the damaged armor piece and the appropriate kit in your crafting gird and you will receive a fully repaired piece of armor. Try to carry a few repair kits into battle.

♦Swap armor to suit different purposes. If you know your likely to die wear combat armor so your enemy cannot gain as much loot. If you need to travel fast then tank damage afterwards use a combination of quantum legs and power armor. Run to your destination then swap to power armor legs for maximum defense.

♦Due to their smaller size, helmets are usually the first piece of armor to break. Keep an eye on them and try to repair them when they are at about 50% durability.

♦With the amount of iridium that goes into quantum armor you could get a dozen or more suits of power armor. While power armor lacks the mobility of quantum its more than twice as strong.

♦Use vehicles, especially Grizzly ATV's, for quick transportation while wearing combat or power armor. There are numerous large road systems to facilitate travel this way between major locations. If your traveling in a group try using a Humvee.

♦Try to plant large fields of cellulux to manufacture lots of combat armor and combat armor repair kits. It is a cheap, highly effective armor and will mean the difference between dying in one shot or several dozen.

♦All armors, including quantum, are weak against weapons that deal large amounts of direct damage. This includes: .50 HEIAP, SMAW AP rockets, 20 MM depleted uranium cannon shots, 40 mm grenades, 8 gauge flechette rounds, SMAW HE rockets, .50 bullets, 7.62 AP and 5.56 mixed metal. Tank rounds and direct bomb hits will likely kill anything in just one hit.

♦Combat armor is very durable, but the wearer is still susceptible to drowning, being poisoned/gassed and being lit on fire. Try to stack damage this way to kill the user without having to use high-end ammo. Remember, 7.62 AP is incendiary and used correctly can start fires.

♦Try building fortifications out of restone or iridium restone to defend against armored assaults. Obstacles and large pits are also good defenses, especially against combat armor, due to its inability to shrug off fall damage.

♦Don't be afraid to lose combat armor, its ingredients can all be easily grown or UU'd and it is relatively simple to manufacture.

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Pker you are liable to get banned for that here. Also, here are those pictures from that battle this past week that I had not got around to posting until I was reminded to say. Please forgive the obnoxious pumpkin tower...


Red decided to ambush blue along their eastern border. They gathered 4 quant soldiers with heavy weapons together and targeted a couple of buildings on the capitol outskirts for occupation. Two blue commanders were setting up machines for their militia at the time though, and blues response was instant.


Reds initial push was strong and blue started to lose a little ground.


On the left side of this picture you can see the reds fanning out in a line to try and strengthen the push and to stop the blues from flanking them. The forest is on fire from all the incendiary bullets being fired.


Deantheftxbrx decides to take the high ground and hide behind that ridiculous pumpkin tower. Pumpkins actually turn out to be pretty effective at blocking bullets. He's equipped with an M107 and is using HEIAP rounds (.50 High Explosive Incendiary Armor Piercing). They are easily the most expensive rounds in the game but are very effective. It only takes 7 shots to destroy quantum armor.


The push lost its momentum after the blues regrouped and charged their armor and retrieved better weapons. Red is now using a small blue outpost as a fire base. David can be seen at the bottom of the picture keeping an eye on his flank.


Commandant Cisco zeroing in with his heavy machine gun. Its not in the picture here but someone actually shot a fragmentation explosive at the pumpkin tower and it was completely destroyed. Many a young child's Halloween ended with tears on that day.


The blues are fighting right on their border so they have continuous access to fresh ammo and rechargers. Red is starting to feel the weight of not having access to supplies. Blue seizes the opportunity to chase them off their land.


The order to withdraw is given and red starts leap-frogging backwards to provide better cover to their exhausted troops. A couple people end up tumbling into the crevice visible in the upper left. Red takes 2 casualties and the remainder of their troops withdraw.

It was a pretty interesting fight. It seemed to start as a raid but heavy resistance was encountered and it quickly turned into a pitched battle. Every person involved was a high ranking veteran but they were not all equipped for heavy fighting in the field and had no supply lines. Sometimes its very interesting to watch spontaneous fighting break out in the midst of some mundane mission. This was one of those cases.

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Yo when Is the next Update?

The next update will most likely be tonight, we will be updating Combat Armors to add two new armors, most likely pushing the very first (and very incomplete) version of my new mod, Defence Blocks, and updating Industrial Drugs to add compatibility to my new mod, along with some other things on Mens's side.

EDIT: Adding compatibility went better than expected, I realized a way to make it so my drugs can now grow under any type of glass block (assuming the modder behind them implemented glass the easy way).

EDIT2: However, adding one of the armors went much worse than expected, at the moment, it works 100% perfectly in an MCP environment, but the second I stick it into normal Minecraft it decides to not work.

EDIT3: An extra hour of trial and error revealed... I know jack shit about why the hell this new armor is not working when out of a testing environment. Attempt number 20 or so tomorrow.

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Server recently updated its mod pack and some features. The changes were finalized recently and so I am providing you with this change log. Added a new mod, defense blocks. Another creation from the twisted mind of crafterofmines57, so far it adds diamond glass (LASER PROOF GLASS YAY) and reinforced ladders. A showcase will be up soon.

Update 7, 5/6/13

✘Added Mods

♦Chunk loaders

♦Defense Blocks

♦Armor HUD (client)

♦Status effect HUD (client)

♦Inventory tweaks (client)

✘Updated Mods



♦Industrial Drugs

♦Combat Armor

✘Altered War system

♦Cut the time needed to cap points at the quantum dam in half (down to one minute

from 2 minutes)

♦Gave commanders/commandants the ability to withdraw money from their teams points


♦Gave everyone the ability to /pay people with those points

♦Keep an eye on spawn for an item shop which will sell armor and weapons for team


♦Opens up the possibility of command class bribing people with buyable stuff to

cap points at the dam

✘Began Project: Crucible

♦Arena (the crucible): players teleport in with nothing equipped, from small

buildings outside their capitols

♦Players recieve free equipment that they can fight with at the crucible

♦Players must either die or /suicide to get back to their capitols after they are


✘Began Project: Tribal Armor

♦Tribal armor is combat armor with an unlimited jetpack and no fall damage,

crafter is developing it assuming there are no bugs

✘Began Project: Replace all lame RP2 recipes with stuff thats not lame

♦Goal of the project is to eliminate as many deviant rp2 processes as possible and

consolidate all systems under IC2 logic (example: silicon boules, "blu" anything,


✘Considering projects: Nuclear Silo event and Zombies ate my Quantum Dam

♦Nuclear Silo event inspired by gamerguy's amazing presentation, offers teams

limited timeframe to use team points to purchase nuclear weapons

♦Zombies ate my quantum dam inspired by hyper active noobs with ADD who can't just

chill for a minute and cap points, may add super zombies with various good loots

to dam, maybe other mobs too

✘Updated gunpack

♦Added four new guns: Shredder, Railgun, Vinidcator and M2 field gun

♦Shredder uses shredder rounds, railgun uses 10mm EC, vindicator uses minigun

belts (5.56) and the M2 field gun uses .50 boxes

♦Added napalm grenades for MLG

♦Raised damage of 9mm from 5 to 7

♦Raised damage of 5.56 from 7 to 12

♦MLG does more damage now

♦Easy recipe for small receivers

♦All scopes offer a passive accuracy bonus to weapons

♦All scopes have had their clutter removed so that there is actually a reason to

use them over optifine zoom

♦9mm guns had their accuracy increased and kick reduced to 0

♦Gave hitboxes to the viper and the grizzly....

♦Reduced the vipers max speed

♦Updated some icon sprites

✘Added/changed recipes

♦Grenades and condensed explosives are no longer cheap

♦Added BACK a recipe for UU resin...not client side so it wont show up for you,

still works though

♦Removed anvil recipe

♦Made the synthetic soulsand more expensive

♦Made miner and self-sufficient diamond steel and fusion battery recipes, miner

versions are cheaper but need material from the mines, self sufficient versions

require expensive but UUable parts

♦Changed power armor recipe, all pieces now require combat armor but only the legs

and chest need fusion batteries

♦Removed seedbags

♦Added alternative blutricity wire using non-lame components (copper wire and


♦Added a recipe for diamond glass (blast and laser proof)

♦Added a recipe for reinforced ladders (blast and laser proof)

♦Added a recipe for steel dust, iron dust surrounded by charcoal

♦Added nuclear battery, a component in current high tier guns and in future armor

♦Added recipe for crafting UU into industrial credits and added the reverse

✘Other changes

♦Removed general chat, it was never good. Consequently incidents of pointless

flame wars and admin eye-rolling have gone down 98%

♦Began capping officer/komot slots (your not the one who has to repair griefing)

♦Added /chmute, a command for muting a person in a specific channel

♦Removed /mute, it was too general in application

♦All music disks replaced with DMX discography

♦X gon give it to ya, he gon give it to ya

♦Improved many sprites and armor skins (hopefully)

♦Industrial War technic pack no longer looks like wet garbage

♦Added the temp ban/unban to command class

♦Fixed the /mail command, it works now

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If you like combat armor and hate pumpkin towers then you will love tribal armor. I'm not sure exactly how it works because crafter is still in the process of making it but I know it is a much more mobile version of combat.

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We recently added the crucible, an arena where players can teleport to and get free equipment to fight each other. Use it for practice or to gain familiarity with the weapons and armors (and a couple drugs). Here are some images from it:


Some blue players have teleported in with nothing on them because the only ways you leave the arena are death and suicide. The [free] signs are where they access their guns, weapons, armor and drugs. They activate a button when their ready and a one way piston door opens. They emerge into the upper arena.


The upper arena has sniper towers, bunkers, and a central building for CQB. There are some ammo and health power ups scattered around the arena. The glass hallways along the outer perimeter denote areas for spectators.


This is the lower arena. There are a few passages into it from the upper arena. The area beneath the glass is for spectators.

The following are some shots of people fighting in the arena.



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Made some pretty big changes to the war system lately and completed the mob feature. I amended the opening post to reflect these changes but will also elaborate on them here a bit so you don't have to re-read that huge wall of text.

-Mobs are now activated. So far just zombies and blazes. Zombies run faster than you can sprint and deal 35 damage a hit. Blazes still just kind of float around non-chalantly but their fireballs deal 50 damage. They both have a chance to drop coal, endstone, emeralds, diamond blocks, steak, bread, and skulls. Skulls are the most important drop. You can trade those in for points and use the points at the store to buy stuff like combat armor, power armor, railguns, shredders, etc.

-I disabled the damage-taken cooldown on all steves and stevettes globally. This means you can hit someone or get hit as fast as you can click the mouse. This with mobs is a very dangerous thing so be well prepared if your going to go fight them.

-Mobs are only at the quantum dam. This means there will be no more idling there at night to cap points.

-You can no longer build at the dams. I have placed and will continue to place fortifications and various improvements to make the area more interesting to fight in.

-The store is built and is coming online today. Prices will be posted as soon as its 100%.

-You can now cap points at the dam in less than a minute.

-Your team gets 3 points instead of 1. Commanders, at this point, are expected to pay people for their work at the dam. Even if they pay someone 2 points for every capped point, they still make a profit for the team and can save up enough to defend or invade.

-Made it so new people start with full combat, an M4A1, ammo, stimpacks, some afterburner, some iron tools and a safe. This is so people have something to jump right into combat with. This is only for new people and is only given upon first joining the server. Don't go OD'ing on the afterburner btw... This is part of my preperation for adding dedicated guerilla/militia towns, since no commanders have yet taken the initiative to add those and its too important a thing to let go to chance.

-You can now cap the quantum dams homeblock. Doing so will instantly cap all 300 townblocks and give your team 3 points each for those (900 points so far). In addition you will win the war chest. Every time the server restarts 10 points are added to the war chest. If no one wins a war it keeps rolling over. The war chest can potentially accrue several hundred points in the course of a few weeks. So whoever caps the entire dam will be really fucking wealthy. It won't be easy though, especially with the mobs constantly attacking you. You will basically have to hold off the mob army for several hours in addition to which ever players come for you. Its totally do-able, but you should have several people and a nearby supply depot loaded with ammo and food before you try.

There will be more updates this weekend as well, as I am still trying to balance that gun pack. I intend to add meaningful weapon mods this time and make the lower-tier guns moddable and potentially very good. We will also, hopefully, be adding optifine to the modpack. That was a huge oversight on my part and I apoligize to people without cray's.

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