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[1.4.7 Industrial War Pack] Industrial War! [PvP/PvE][80 Slot][Open][Team Warfare][Guns/Armor/Drugs]

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Nah, dude. This combination of monsters is fine for now. Unless Mensrea could add aggressive iron golems.

I tried last night but they were friendly and just started attacking the other mobs. I did remove the blazes though, they just burned everything and really weren't into it, lazy hipster pyromaniacs. I added skeletons, an industrious people handy with the bow and arrow. I also made it so fewer mobs spawn but the mobs are tougher. I'm hoping that makes it easier for people to play who are on lower end hardware.

I'm considering adding infernal mobs next. The random enchantments will make mobs diverse and more interesting. I just have to run some tests to make sure it works with everything. Last thing you want is to load an unreliable mod full of bugs and glitches *ahem* redpower *ahem*.

Speaking of redpower, for the update I am looking for mod/mods to copy its functionality. If anyone has any ideas we would need mods that can do the following:

-Automate stuff (GTECH questionably covers that aspect)

-Make stuff purty (immibis microblocks?)

-Project bench, the best block ever

-Redpower wires that don't involve sprinkling dust on the ground

-Logic tiles/blocks/something


Weigh in if you have any ideas. And yes, I know, Immibis crafting tables etc etc, all that jazz.

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-Redpower wires that don't involve sprinkling dust on the ground

-Logic tiles/blocks/something

For these two, have you possibly looked into Minefactory Reloaded's RedNet? And I know that as of 1.5.2, GregTech includes a kind of Redstone logic block.

Also if you're looking to replace frames, and if we ever update to 1.5.1, I have been hearing good things about Complex Machines *clicky clicky* airships.

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This weekend we will be having another large update. Mostly I intend to alter gun stats to make them cause less lag (fire/bullet penetration removal) and to make the lower tier guns more effective. I also want to change names and images of guns and add gun mods that are actually substantial. Further, crafter has been doing a lot of work on defense blocks and adding a lot of stuff that will let me make more interesting locations and methods of travel.

The mobs are also firmly in place and have made the quantum dam a fun and rewarding location for individuals where as before it was boring and only benefited the team banks. The mobs still need a little balancing though as some people can just tank them no problem and other people consistently die fighting them (namely keebes, dean and arallak, a mystical stranger who appeared one night to kick ass). I had to disable increased mob health due to how it handled bullet damage (they were taking multiple .50 rounds and not dying wth). Obviously, finding the sweet spot where mobs arent cake for vets and arent OP for noobs will be difficult but I will keep working at it. I also have to balance skull drops/value of skulls more as after 20 minutes you usually only have about 3-4 skulls (which are not even enough to cash in).

I also wanted to take a moment to discuss two rules:

✘Server is for mature players ONLY!

Verbal abuse, ad hominem attacks, discrimination, hackusations & advertising will not be tolerated.

It seems that some people feel that due to server tenure or some rights they imagine they have these rules do not apply to them. I admit I have been kind of lax in enforcing stuff like that over the years but personally I am sick of the chat environment being so toxic. Numerous people have commented on how vulgar and offensive it can get and honestly I think its a big turn-off of playing here. So from now on if you break these rules you will be politely warned once and then banned for good afterwards. Note that discrimination = racism, sexism, hate speech, etc. Just because this is a PVP/war server does not mean you can just check your manners or decency at the door. We have already got rid of one of the biggest offenders but there are a couple left who continue to try to be internet tough guys. I don't care how long you've played here, if you exhibit this behavior in general, local or team chat there will be consequences. Likewise unless your just talking with someone you know PM'ing people offensive stuff will be treated the same way. If you see people doing this screenshot it and send me the shot at [email protected].

If you want to be a hateful jerk do it on someone elses server. Better yet, do it IRL and get the busted nose you deserve.

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MinefactoryReloaded has some redwire and a conveyor belt that carries objects. Haven't tried this mod myself though.

That was the one I was looking at to replace pipes and stuff but I'm not sure if those robotic arms can replace all the retrievers/filters/etc. And how are the conveyor belts lag wise?

The new rednet systems he's doing looks really good though, better than the RP2 one.

Maybe minefactory + immibis microblocks will be able to replace RP2 entirely. I still have the issue of having to get rid of all those worldgen blocks RP2 adds. Other than //replace which could very well take forever that is.

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I believe they cause no lag with animations off, and barely any lag with animations on. Items don't have to be rendered inside a pipe like buildcraft, they just get moved.

Well that settles a major issue. the only other consideration is robotic arms. From what I saw you have to do some kind of custom programming or something for each of them? If this is the case then that could cause a lot of problems. Also, I have no idea how to handle this switch in regards to factories people have already built. Getting rid of RP2 will ruin a lot of peoples stuff. I'm really trying to avoid that at all costs.

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We hade another update today. This one brought with it a totally revamped gun package as well as some impressive changes to defense blocks. Building rail lines now! The full changelog is currently pending. You can take a look at the new guns on the technic pack which is currently up to date.

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That's becuase one of the mods we run has a DRM. Rename your .technic folder to beans, or bees, or quantitative easing, or IW. As long as the technic launch folder is not named .technic, you will not crash.

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Most of the people on here for years are from the US east coast and since none of us are around at night its usually pretty empty past a certain time. We do have some players from Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand though but not nearly as many as our EST players. I'd like to get more people from other timezones but the only person I knew well enough to make an officer is from Germany and has a bad connection. We have another major officer from Holland but currently his hand is broken so he is unable to play. That's not to say I wouldn't be all about making some PST officers/commanders to keep the server occupied around the clock.

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This server is totally worth the trouble of trying to get on. Have only played for a day, but the balancing is perfect. The right amount of difficulty and ease has been provided in this mod pack. Also the server's theme is pretty neat and well handled. I've been on other team based war servers and they all fell to ruin from ignored rules. Here everyone I've met has been following them to the letter.

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Thanks cuoconnell. Btw, there was some glitch with your combat armor and a skeleton arrow (?) that was causing things to crash when you got on. I think I fixed it now but let me know if there are further problems.

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Changelogs now have an official soundtrack courtesy of Tupac Shakur

That's just the way it is. Oh yeah.

✘Added Mods

♦Infernal Mobs


♦Optifine to Technic client

✘Upgraded Mods

♦Industrial Drugs

♦You can now grow all drugs in an ocean biome, including underwater

♦You no longer OD from just 1 drug type, mixing drugs is not recomended (psycho is safe to use now)

♦Seed bug dupe fixed, maybe

✘Defense Blocks

♦Added reinforced rails, levers, buttons and a new item with a novel concept: the self-destruct system! Die with it in your inventory and it deletes all your items instead of dropping them.

✘Numerous adjustments to the gun pack

♦Renamed all guns to reflect the sci-fi theme and am in the process of re-spriting them.

♦All tier one guns (for the pistols to the light machine guns and assault rifles) now do much more damage.

♦All automatics now spit hot fire (much faster ROF)

♦Balanced the AA-8 (aka Aries Combat Shotgun) so that you couldnt perpetually juggle people mid air with it.

♦Made the ACOG and CCO into weapon mods; accelerator and stabilizer. Accelerator doubles weapon damage and the stabilizer makes it perfectly accurate.

♦Bullet penetration removed from all guns (generated extreme lag in large fire-fights)

♦Incendiary properties removed from all but napalm grenades (generated extreme lag in large fire-fights)

♦Made some guns require simpler parts to make, namely the assault rifles.

♦Changed the sound on the Mobile M2 (aka Heavy Bolter) so it doesnt cut out after 1 shot.

✘Added Recipes

♦Reinforced trap door

♦Reinforced rail

♦Reinforced button

♦Reinforced lever

♦Alternate timer recipe

♦Alternate pulse former recipe

♦Alternate red ingot recipe (iron + redstone, no more bullshit RP ovens)

♦Small and medium bullet recipe that uses tin and copper instead of bronze and copper


♦Added protected forts for guerillas/militias closer to the dam. Forts feature rooms that can be secured by placing and then claiming a safe in the narrow doorway.

♦Finished the spawn shop: fight mobs, collect skulls, cash the skulls in for points at a 1:1 ratio, use the points to buy armor, weapons, drugs and ammo

♦Ran high speed rail lines to every major location (capitols, mines, forts), BYOC (bring your own cart)

♦Changed mob drops to non-vanilla stuff thats actually useful (stimpacks, repair kits, bullets, uranium, etc)

♦Adjusted mobs to not be impossible, note that this means better players will just farm them easier. The skill bell curve is a tricky bitch.

♦Added some more random drug fields and other locations to the wild, theres more reason to explore than ever.

♦Built up spawn a little. Trying to get some clutter going to make fights more interesting without generating un-necessary lag for people without super computers.

♦Added numerous bedrock bunkers throughout the wilds. Some have 1x2 entrances that can be secured with safes while others have larger entrances that necessitate force fields.

♦Added dirt recipes for all weapons/armor to accommodate players who unknowingly joined a heavily modded server and expect the admins to add easy mode just so they can make minecraft into COD.

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Yet another server update. This one contains some major bug fixes (rails are now working), some aesthetic changes (90% makeover of gun pack sprites) and many new/improved/balanced recipes. Take a look at all the replacements for redpower stuff ranging from red wafers to thermopiles and tubes. Soon all recipes should be integrated under the IC2 tech tree. In addition to these changes new people now start with some more stuff; namely generators, wrenches and electric backpacks. I noticed new people were getting killed right away so I am hoping this gives them the ability to fly away until they can get built up a little.

Finally, we enabled all the UU recipes for logs and reeds and fixed the UE energy conversion ratio so its no longer nerfed. We also nerfed the IC2 generator from 128 eu/t to 30 eu/t. Still three times better than vanilla and less likely to blow new peoples machines up.

Change log will come soon.

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