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[1.1.4] TCorp Voltz [No-Whitelist] PvP Nuclear Warfare [20 Slots]


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Server IP: [1024Mb RAM Allocated =1Gb]

Server Rules

  • Redmatter/Antimatter Explosives are limited and not recommended. If a player uses too many they will be banned.
  • Dont't Destroy Any Information Signs Found.
  • If you ask for OP you will be banned.

No mods have been removed on this server. Its fully Legit Voltz!

No Items banned, however redmatter/antimatter is not recommended.

I have made this server because I just want 15+ dedicated people to have an all out war with me and destroy some s**t. This server is up 24/7! However, it automatically restarts at 5am GMT every day. so if you disconnect just re join a few seconds after disconnection.

The type of people who i would generally like on my server are people who will be dedicated on my server (regular players) who have experience with voltz and who will possibly record for youtube? I know I will be. Essentially just a nice war environment.

So why not join now and get a head start :)

*Signature stolen by Signature Gnomes*

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i just tried to join so i put in the server ip and it said that it was a 6 slot server and that my client was out of date and that i needed a 1.5 client yet latest voltz (1.1.4) runs on minecraft 1.4.7

can someone please explain this to me

You realize voltz 2.0 is the latest right?

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