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IC Solar Panels are not working


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It's definitely the cables. Basically, the solar panels keep sending small "packets" of EU down the cable to the Batbox. After so many blocks, some EU gets subtracted from the packet. Higher-voltage cables are more lossy (in total, not in packet size/loss ratio,) so all your EU's getting lost on the way to the Batboxes.

Ultra Low-current (Tin) Cables should be able to work just fine, or Copper cables. Though I recommend Tin.

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If those Solars are the basic ones, use ULV (tin) cabling up to 40 cables long. After that, you lose the power produced from the solar.

If the solar is a compact one, lets say, the LV compact solar, use copper cabling up to 4 cables long or glass fibre up to 40-ish. (Not sure though if Compact solars exist in Lite).

And in your second screenshot, INSULATE THOSE COPPER WIRES. They'll hurt you when they send power and you're close nearby.

And as my third tip, always try to use glass fibre cabling, unless you're taking output from a >HV producer.

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