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[1.1.8][MyTown] Tekkit.McMods.me 40 Slots


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I can't find the website (if existing) of the server on Google and I don't know the IRC, so I'm posting here...

This is a ban appeal. Just a few minutes ago I received a ban for "spam". When I try to log in, it says "Reason: Banned by an operator.". I don't know how many operators there are, or from which one I had received this ban. My side of story:

Yesterday some guys were in trouble because they made a big hole or something ugly where they shouldn't have. thevortex said something like "it's ok to raid bases, it's a PvP server, but don't make giant holes or anything alike." So I went to roam around the map in search for some bases. I found one on accident because the guy was careless enough "to leave the door open". There was some machinery which was left for public use. I learned about Tesseracts and Magmatic Engines. I took one so I can see how it works. After studying it, I stated in chat that "I want to return it to <the guy I named>, but I got no permission to place it back on his terrain." Boom, ban!

I like the server, it's features and have a friend that I like to play with there. I think I did no bad thing and am hereby asking for at least a proper explanation why is it a permaban or if possible, a ban withdrawal.

Edit: I got un-banned after asking about it on IRC. Still no idea why the ban...

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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