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[1.0.5]EdnosCraft[PvP/PvE][55 slots] 100% Legit

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Hi, I own a 55 slot Server that i have just recently Changed to tekkit upon the requests of some friends It will stay tekkit on an whitelisted server Its a small community That plays far away from Spawn Just ask 12kool2 or Forsvinna for a TP if you wish to build Privately away from spawn

IP: Ednos.net:25568 (include the port!)

We run the latest build not the recommended so make sure your updated!


No mods disabled

Builder,auto enchanter,Architect table are disabled



Server Rules:

  • Dont hack
  • Dont Spam chat
  • Do Not spawn kill Players repeatedly
  • Respect all admins
  • Stealing is aloud but If you have to break anything to get it its griefing.
  • Do not advertise other servers
  • Do not Ask for OP
  • Do not ask for items
  • if you read these rules put Nope as your Answer for the last question

Just Some Info:

  • IP : Ednos.net:25568
  • 24/7 Uptime except if its down for maintenance
  • 55 slot no lag when being used heavily
  • No Mods taken out And No Items Restricted
  • No Extra Plugins Just Tekkit
  • No greylist but whitelist temp
  • Small Community That Chats in a Tinychat Room called DIGITAL RIOT
  • Every single item on the server was 100% Legit no admins have spawned anything in everything you see is a real Legit item that was worked for
  • Whitelist

Whitelist Application


AGE (14+)

Tekkit experience? if any

Did you read the rules

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Yes thats True blind i have changed the modpack! and me and Kishar are working on the plugins i have updated the thread and will be taking the old one down

yep, thats the right modpack. seems fors is currently busy working on adding plugins so i wouldnt bother logging in right now. see you there laters!
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Hi, whitelisting again, too bad that the old map went down but I like the new mod!

IGN: Spacerd

Age: 23

Tekkit Experience: last 2 hours

Rules: nope

I would also applicate a friend of mine for the whitelist

IGN: Mister1Pink or misteronepink ( both would be nice if possible :) )

Age: 24

Tekkit Experience: Not much but more then me

Rules: nope

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Originally i came because tekkit lite, and no plugins, but you guys are awesome so fine i'll make the switch for you.

IGN: OpRebirth

Age: Still 25

Tekkit Experience: Plenty on Lite, and i learns quick

Rules: Nope, not last time, not this time, and probably not next time (if there is a next time)

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IGN: vent22

AGE (14+): 19

Tekkit experience?: I have been playing tekkit classic since it came out. I'm still new to the new tekkit modpack but I know the basics.

Did you read the rules: yes

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IGN: Lagnalok

AGE (14+) 25

Tekkit experience? if any: about 2 months tekkit, some tekkit clasic, a bit less tekkit lite, tekkit new frontiers from release on (a legit private smp run by me and a friend and some tesing in ssp + cheats)

Did you read the rules: Nope

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I would like to apply for a friend of mine.

His name is Master_Void

He's at least 20 years old.

I'm not sure of his Tekkit experience but he knows his way around classic mc better than I do.

He won't have a problem with the rules but I'll send him here to acknowledge them.


<3 Omega

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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