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How to send redstone signals without redpower 2


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I'm using the new tekkit (the one with the space dimension, ships etc) and I don't know how to send a redstone signal to three engines toghether for example.

With redpower 2 I could just lay a redstone wire, but now that's not an option anymore. What are we supposed to use instead?

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They've been replaced by Redstone Energy Conduits from Thermal Expansion.

Unfortunately, you can't place them on the side of blocks like you could with RP2, but they work like bundled cables.

http://thermalexpansion.wikispaces.com/Redstone Energy Conduit.

The page doesn't have recipes but they are made the same way as normal buildcraft pipes, but with electrum ingots & hardened glass.

After that you'll need to use a Liquid Transposer & Magma Crucible to make the conduits.

Herp Derp. You might want to actually read the link you posted.

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