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Oxygen help with tessaracts.

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I had a few questions? Can oxygen be pump through tessaracts or phased piped in to a space station or moon? Do I need a dimensional anchor? So then oxygen distrubutor and oxygen sealer does the same thing except the sealer doesn't allow the air bubble to grow outside the base walls? So it cosmetic? I got my oxygen bubble on the moon working pretty easy, how do I prevent my trees from decaying?, I put a 4x4(infinite water) next to the trees. Do my trees need to be in the oxygen bubble ? Like a bio dome? Has anyone tried use the oxygen bubble underwater?

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I may be wrong, but the way I understand it Oxygen sealer will fill a sealed area with oxygen as long as it has enough. You can not stop trees from decaying.

Edit: Trees do not need to be in the oxygen bubble.

It won't fill a sealed area unfortunately, it'll just make a bubble. Makes airlocks kinda pointless.

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To disable leaf decay, go into your tekkit files (C:/Users/<Name>/%appdata%/Roaming/.Technic (Or .Techniclauncher)/tekkitmain/config/galacticraft

Then, open up "Core.conf" with notepad, and scroll down until you see "Disable Oxygen Collector Leaf Decay". Change it from False to True. This should prevent leaf decay. Hope this helps :)

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Oxygen sealers are used to seal a room and provide oxygen but require a large amount of stable electricity and a large amount of oxygen.

Oxygen can not be teleported to the moon, but you can shear leaves from Earth and place them around Oxygen Collectors along with providing the oxygen collectors power to get oxygen. This works, but the leaves decay around the collectors. It is said that if you put logs in/around the leaves it slows the decay, although disabling leaf decay will be easier

How to disable leaf decay(Windows Only)

Leaf decay can be disabled by accessing the Roaming folder(On Windows 7 & Vista I believe you just type in %appdata% into the search bar in the start menu) then double click .technic, then folder tekkitmain, then folder config, then folder Galacticraft, then open the file named Core with a simple notepad or word processor (I used notepad) & look down the list of numbers and configs etc and all the options, until you find something that says:

" # If set to true, Oxygen Collectors will not consume leaf blocks.

B:"Disable Oxygen Collector Leaf Decay"=false "

Change B:"Disable Oxygen Collector Leaf Decay"=false


Change B:"Disable Oxygen Collector Leaf Decay"=true


Oxygen Collector: When provided with Earth Climate or Leaves surrounding along with some electricity, this machine will suck the oxygen out of air and will decay leaves extremely fast unless you've edited the config

Oxygen Compressor: When provided with an oxygen tank and electricity, this machine will fill up your oxygen tanks so you can breath on other planets/in spacestations for a certain amount of time

Oxygen Bubble Distributor: When provided with Electricity & Oxygen, allows a small bubble of oxygen to be shot from the machine, size varies due to amount of electricity & amount of oxygen

Oxygen Sealer: Although currently not working correctly, an oxygen sealer when provided a lot of power and a lot of oxygen, will seal a room providing it with oxygen. More oxygen and more power may be needed according to the size of your room.

Electricity issues: If you're having trouble with electricity usage, a smart thing to do is to get magmatic engines, get a pump in the nether and just pump lava from the nether into the magmatic engines. It's basically infinite power that will help you keep your collectors, compressors, oxygen bubble distributors or if you waste your time, oxygen sealers. This will provide lots power and is the most modern and superior way of electricity currently available in this tekkit.

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