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Stuck on the moon...


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So my friend and I are playing on the current tekkit server, no changes made to it or anything. We noticed a few things and I just want to know if this is on purpose or not.

First - No aluminum on the overworld. The galacticcraft wiki states that the aluminum on the moon is that same as in the overworld, but that wiki also makes a lot of references to greg's mod which is not in the tekkit pack. While annoying, we worked around this by manually carrying around oil in SEVERAL buckits to get and refine oil.

Second and much more importantly - The GUI for the rockets when you press F does not have a place to manually load rocket fuel. We worked hard, got all the materials and everything ready, launched ourselves to the moon, and now, we have empty rockets and partially full canisters to refill them, but no way to actually put the fuel in. Did we need to bring the rocket fueling device and a power source with us? The wiki suggests that we should be able to manually fill the rockets no problem.

Anyway, I mostly ask because if we are not supposed to be able to load them manually, we will sadly let ourselves suffocate and start over. However, if we are supposed to be able to manually fill the rocket and this is a weird problem, then I want to know how to fix it and I'll use server commands to pull us back to earth.

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Wiki's are edited by ANYONE. Why did you even trust it in the first place?! Also, I'm very surprised that many servers and server owners don't post a reminder of that issue at their spawn. The servers I've been on, many people got stuck on the moon just because of that.

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Ugh, this was really annoying for me. I've updated the wiki with the following info:


=== Getting back from the moon to the overworld ===

Once you get to the moon, you won't be able to directly use the shuttle again. You'll need to pick up the parts, rebuild it, and launch again as you did previously. This means that you'll need some way to refuel the ship.

That said, there are three main ways to get back to the overworld. From easiest to hardest:

* Use mystcraft - Make sure you have a linking book to the overworld before you set off.

(Note that you can also create a new linking book on the moon so you don't need to rocket launch there again)

* Bring an extra Redstone Energy Cell and Fuel Loader to refuel the ship and launch back out

* Die, go into limbo, find a portal in the lowest part that will take you back into the overworld.

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* Die, go into limbo, find a portal in the lowest part that will take you back into the overworld.

You should probably mention that you need to be in a DimDoors dimension for this to work, otherwise people will be committing suicide on the moon in an attempt to get away.

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