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Another alternate for deployers from RP2?


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So, I'm looking to make a pump from the nether to power my Energetic Infuser to charge my power armor. I use some of the lava to go into a magmatic engine in the nether, Co-Sided with some redstone engines, To speed the process. Now, There is one problem.

The magmactic engine does break sometimes, So, Why not an auto-repair system? Off course, Redpower 2 is not in tekkit, So, Is there any other way to do it? Help me.

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Attach the magmatic engine to conduit. You'll need at least 2 pieces for now. Now it never breaks. You're welcome.

Thanks, But now i need to hunt for some cactus, I'll be back when it's done.

EDIT : Looks perfect! I guess I can replace gold conduct pipes now,

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By the way, how come that even when you use the Crescent Hammer to label both sides of a conduit Blue, energy still goes through? I mean sure, it goes through in small amounts, but it does go through for some reason.

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